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In order to make the process of paying for tuition and housing as clear and easy as possible, we’ve put together a table of the various ways you may make payments, as well as additional resources on tax forms, refunds, and more below.

For a schedule of payment and refund due dates, please refer to the Calendar.

  • Form 1098-T

    Information about the Tuition Statement form mailed to you at the end of January.

  • How to Make Payments

    Payments for your tuition and housing can be made by check, cash, eCheck, credit card, or wire transfer. The table found here outlines instructions and policies for each form of payment.

  • International Tuition Payments

    If you are an international student or a family member of an international student, we’ve provided instructions to enable you to pay your tuition from any bank in any country.

  • Payment FAQ

    A list of frequently asked questions on topics including tuition, financial aid payments, and refunds.

  • Reimbursement Requests

    In the event that your tuition account balance shows a credit, you may request a reimbursement (with some restrictions). We’ve compiled an FAQ detailing when and how to request a return of these funds.

  • Who Should I Contact?

    Not sure who to reach out to with questions regarding payment? You can find the contact information and office hours for the relevant departments here.

  • Your Tuition Account and FERPA

    The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits DigiPen from releasing any information about your tuition account, such as to your parents or spouses, without your consent. If you wish to enable others to access your account, you must create a Proxy via the Proxy module in Colleague Self-Service.