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Seattle Counseling Services

Seattle Counseling Services is a community-based organization that has been dedicated to promoting health and wellness within the LGBTQ+ community for 45 years. They are committed to providing accessible services, and offer sliding scale fees in addition to accepting Medicaid and many insurance plans.

King County Sexual Assault Resource Center

King County Sexual Assault Resource Center’s purpose is to alleviate, as much as possible, the trauma of sexual assault for victims and their families.

Gay City Health Project

Gay City Health Project promotes wellness in LGBTQ+ communities by providing health services, connecting people to resources, fostering arts, and building community.

Ingersoll Gender Center

Ingersoll Gender Center supports transgender people in their growth and well-being by providing support, education, advocacy, and a wide array of resources for people interested in gender identity issues. Ingersoll supports and respects service providers, employers, families and friends as well, in order to promote understanding, awareness, and acceptance of gender diversity.