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Collaboration and engagement are hallmarks of the academic experience at DigiPen, but that doesn’t stop at schoolwork. As a DigiPen student, we encourage you to get involved, meet new people, and have an active life outside of your studies. Student clubs and organizations are great ways to accomplish all three.

A Sample of Active Student Clubs:

Voice Acting Club

The Voice Acting Club’s goal is to pursue writing, acting, and vocal technique together. It also provides an opportunity for students to receive additional information from professionals in the field of voice acting.

Wellness Club

The Wellness Club meets multiple times a week and focuses on stress management and promoting positive, forward-thinking skills. This social club helps students engage in self-care and healthy relationships.


The People Respecting Individuals and Sexual Minorities (PRISM) Club serves as DigiPen’s student-run LGBTQA Club and Gay-Straight Alliance. PRISM promotes tolerance and respect for all gender identities and sexual orientations both on DigiPen’s campus and in the entertainment industry.

Cage of the Week Club

Cage of the Week Club meets once a week to watch and discuss Nicolas Cage movies. This social group is a great way for students to unwind as they joke around and heckle bad acting.


Outbreak brings the fight between humans and zombies into the real world — in a game played with Nerf guns and balled-up socks. Once a semester, students are assigned the roles of humans or zombies and battle it out around campus.

Critique Club

Critique Club meets periodically throughout the year and consists of a dedicated group of students who critique each other’s work in the interest of becoming better artists and critics. This is one of our many academic-focused clubs that also includes a social aspect.

There are dozens of clubs open to all students spanning interests in gaming, science, art, culture, and more. Clubs are completely student-driven, which means they vary from year to year. If you don’t see a club you want to get involved in, why not organize one yourself? DigiPen provides student clubs with meeting spaces, promotional opportunities, and even funds to hold events or bring speakers to campus.

Contact Student Affairs with any questions.

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