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As an LGBTQ+ individual or ally, we strive to ensure that you feel safe, accepted, and celebrated during your time at DigiPen. To that end, we offer several on-campus resources and services designed to help you succeed as a student while feeling free to express your culture and identity as you see fit. We also understand that as you explore and interact with the world outside of DigiPen, it will be important to have access to off-campus resources for LGBTQ+ support. We’ve compiled a brief list of local and national organizations and services below as a starting point for you.

  • On-Campus Resources

    DigiPen’s campus is host to many forms of LGBTQ+ support, from student-led groups such as PRISM, to student resources such as Housing and Career Services, which have specialized policies to assist LGBTQ+ individuals.

  • Local Resources

    Redmond and the Greater Seattle area have many health and wellness resources for LGBTQ+ individuals.

  • National Resources

    National resources for the LGBTQ+ community include crisis hotlines and advocacy groups that may go beyond the scope of local organizations.

  • Student Name Policy Statement

    Whenever possible, DigiPen will try to use your preferred name on documentation. Here you will find out what policies govern your preferred name, how to change your preferred name, and instances in which we are required to use your legal name.