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The Student Ambassador Program is coordinated through the Office of Outreach and is comprised of student leaders who volunteer to share their DigiPen experience with prospective students, families, and other members of the greater community.

What are Student Ambassadors responsible for?

Ambassadors assist with all types of events that the Office of Outreach hosts for prospective students and their guests. These events can include individual opportunities such as Student Shadows, Zoom calls, video interviews, and email exchanges, as well as group events such as panels, Preview Days, and tours. Ambassadors can also attend training and professional development sessions and inform the way that Outreach speaks about the current student experience.

As part of the Ambassador program, students receive training on ACCSC’s Standards of Accreditation and are encouraged to share their honest perspectives based on individual experiences. Students do not speak for the university in an official capacity.

What are the benefits of being a Student Ambassador?

  • Redeemable points for gift cards or items of equal monetary value
  • Morale events like Jackbox game night, catered food, trivia night, etc.
  • Exclusive spirit scale after the completion of three Ambassador events
  • A professional network with other DigiPen students and staff members
  • Opportunities to build and develop leadership and interpersonal skills

How do I become a Student Ambassador?

If you’re a current DigiPen student who meets the expectations below, we would love to meet you! Please fill out the linked Student Ambassador Application linked below and an Outreach Staff member will be in contact to schedule an interview.


  • Be a currently matriculated student who has completed at least one semester of courses at DigiPen
  • Be in good academic standing — must maintain a cumulative 2.25 GPA or better
  • Recommended: strong written and verbal communication skills

Apply to become a Student Ambassador

Questions? Email the Ambassador Staff Team at