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If you’d like to join a Registered Student Organization (RSO), search for the president’s contact information on Teams or through the DigiPen Student Body Discord server. You can also contact the RSO’s faculty or staff advisor through the associated email.

Not all RSOs meet on a regular basis. To see when RSOs are scheduled to meet, check the RSO bulletin board on the second floor near the Edison Production Lab or on the DigiPen Student Body Discord server. There you’ll find QR codes that link to each RSO’s individual Discord server which will have information about meeting times.

If you are interested in starting a new RSO, please review the DigiPen RSO Handbook and fill out the RSO Constitution Form. You can email with any RSO questions and concerns.

A Message from the DigiPen Student Union

The DigiPen Student Union (DSU) is your school’s student government. We help students deal with their issues in classrooms, with their professors, or at DigiPen in general. We’re here to make sure DigiPen is an inclusive space for everyone and that there are no issues that get in between you and your education!

Every DigiPen student is allowed into DSU meetings and conversations, so feel free to reach out if you have anything to share. For the Fall 2023 semester, we host general assembly meetings every other Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on campus in Plato.

2022-23 DigiPen Student Clubs

Registered Student Organization NameRSO PresidentFaculty or Staff Advisor
DigiPen Student UnionLi BaumBeth Chaney-Torni
Bad Movie ClubTracy LeungRichard Morgan
Cage of the WeekClaire AndrewsJeremy Holcomb
Character Design ClubLily HarrangLawrence Ruelos
Destiny ClubJordan FowlerOrvar Halldorsson
DigiCraftNicholas BrennanChris Onoroti
DigiFortressKjell Gunnar Trimbo-ForthunChris Hawk
DigiPen AI Art ClubEthan KossJazno Francoeur
DigiPen Bible FellowshipBrenden EppJustin Chambers
DigiPen Career ClubAlex SchumerMojan Ahmadi
DigiPen D&D ClubAshlyn WhiteEric Cagle
DigiPen Dragon Jockeys (DJ’s)Blake Glenn-RellerAugust McCubbin
DigiPen Fighting Game ClubEric ParkJustin Chambers
DigiPen Pokémon ClubJared GardnerGreg Dixon
DigiPongJustin OrtegaTiffany Wong
DigiPopCasper NicholsCourtney Druzak
DigiwatchMadds DeVlaeminckChris Hawk
DigiWritersAnnabel SunGreg Grewell
Dragon AthleticsRiley DurbinCharles Duba
Figure Sculpting ClubBrook VitovskyAlecia Rossano
Film Party ClubBlake Glenn-RellerPamela Mathues
Furry ClubAlexander WeissBenjamin Ellinger
Gamers Philanthropy NetworkMike DoerenAmanda Mu
Halo ClubSimi RandhawaMaddie Caswell
Helping Hands ClubGiancarlo HerreraAngie Spring Forster
International / Borderless Bonding ClubYakshin VijayAmee Moon
Magic: the Gathering ClubKaleb BrownVictor Cecci
Mario Party ClubBrenden EppJoseph Schacher
People Respecting Individuals and Sexual MinoritiesSakura ShihAngela Kugler
Tea TimeDarin ShimRachel Rutherford
Tech Art ClubWest FoulksMatt Brunner
Voice Acting ClubJonathan LarsonStephen O’Bent
Women in Technology Connection HubSara RyderAngie Forster