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If you’d like to join a Registered Student Organization (RSO), search for the president’s contact information on Teams or through the DigiPen Student Body Discord. You can also email digipen.clubs[at]digipen[dot]edu for RSO contact information. Not all RSOs meet on a regular basis. To see when RSOs are scheduled to meet, you can check the club bulletin board on the second floor near the Dragon’s Lair or on the DigiPen Student Body Discord. QR codes are posted there that link to each RSO’s individual Discord Server which will have information about meeting times.

If you are interested in starting a new Registered Student Organization, please review the DigiPen RSO Handbook, and fill out the RSO Constitution Form available on the DigiPen Website and the Student Body Discord server. You can email digipen.clubs[at]digipen[dot]edu with all RSO questions and concerns.

A message from the Associated Students of DigiPen

The Associated Students of DigiPen (ASD) is your school’s student government. We help students deal with their issues in classrooms, with their professors, or at DigiPen in general. We’re here to make sure DigiPen is an inclusive space for everyone and that there are no issues that get in between you and your education!

Every DigiPen student is allowed into ASD meetings and conversations, so feel free to reach out if you have something to say. We have our weekly general assembly meetings on Microsoft Teams at 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Fridays, and also have an ASD Discord.

2021-22 DigiPen Student Clubs

Club NameDesignated Representative (DR)AdvisorMeeting Days, Time, and Location
ASL ClubTess GrossmanN/ADiscord
Bible Fellowship ClubHarris SinclairJustin ChambersDiscord
Cage of the WeekJake AndrewsJeremy HolcombDiscord
Cosplay ClubCameron MonksJo CronkDiscord
Cultures ClubZ RojoVictor CecciTBD
D&D ClubKevin Jacobson, Ramona RiccioNik BowenJIMBO | Sat 4-11:00 p.m.
BLANC | Sat 4-11:00 p.m.
VON NEUMANN | Sat 4-11:00 p.m.
SOCRATES | Sat 4-11:00 p.m.
DESCARTES | Sat 4-11:00 p.m.
GIBRAN | Sat 4-11:00 p.m.
MICHELANGELO | Sat 3:30-4 p.m.
DigiCrossingGhassan YounesN/ADiscord
DigiFortress 2Gunnar Trimbo-ForthunChris HawkDiscord
DigiLinguistsGhassan YounesRanda YounesDiscord
Dragon AthleticsRohit SainiCharles DubaDiscord
Dragon SoulsSophia ChienN/ADiscord
Fighting Game ClubTaher Kagzi, Eric ParkJustin ChambersDiscord
Film PartyVance HowaldPamela MathuesDiscord
Financial Literacy ClubAmogh SubhedarSteve RabinDiscord
Furry ClubAlexander Weiss, Sorin ChanneyBenjamin EllingerDiscord
GhibliPenEvan O’BryantChris HawkDiscord
Gesture ClubVarun NairAntony de FatoTBD
Halo ClubBrandon StamMaddie CaswellDiscord
Hawaiʻi ClubKacey Lei QuillopoMyke OkuharaDiscord
In-Tents Outdoor ClubPrudence MillerCaleb FlatauDiscord
Jackbox ClubKjell Gunnar Trimbo-ForthunSydney SelfDiscord
Latino ClubBrady MenendezLorena VillarealDiscord
Magic: The GatheringKaleb BrownVictor CecciTBD
Mario Party ClubBrenden EppN/ADiscord
Math ClubRobert SeiverAlexander YoungDiscord
MOBA ClubBrady MenendezNik BowenDiscord
Monster Hunter ClubSuzanna FreundAnand ThirumalaiDiscord
PCaDP - Palestine Club at DigiPenGhassan Younes, Oussama KhalafCharles DubaDiscord
Pasta ClubDerek Herrera-StrumLyndsie WickhamDiscord
Photography ClubGeorge HennenN/ADiscord
Pokémon ClubAiden CvengrosGreg DixonLOVELACE | Fri 6 p.m. - 12 a.m.
PRISMJamie VarboncoeuDavid Van Der LindenVAN GOGH | Sun 12-3 p.m.
RPG ClubHarris SinclairCharles DubaDiscord
Sculpting ClubCorwin RobinsonAlecia RossanoHAMADA | Fri 5-8 p.m.
Smash ClubGray BangsJustin ChambersDiscord
Talks of ColorBlake TranLawrence RuelosTBD
Tea TimeMabel BrittN/ADiscord
Tech Art ClubMaddie McElfishMatthew BrunnerDiscord
Tetris ClubBen van OostendorpDoug ZwickDiscord
Toontown ClubHarvey VallangcaTeresa BoyesDiscord
The InkubatorsKandyce PrewettDanny SamuelsDiscord
Voice Acting ClubEric PansullaMatthew PicioccioDiscord
Warhammer ClubLowell NovitchThomas OlsenDiscord
Watermelon ClubBri SimpsonSophia DiltzDiscord
Wellness ClubBrillan MorganMojan AhmadiDiscord
Ye Olde Yarn ClubbeGhassan YounesN/ADiscord