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DigiPen is a closed campus facility that requires the use of ID access card technology. The security system enables the administration to set the parameters for student access. With this system the institute is able to access, track, and log the movement of students, faculty, and staff within the building.

Access card readers are the square black devices located at the entrance to all areas.

Your ID card must be visible when on campus. If your badge does not gain you entrance to an area to which you should have access or if a door that you think you should be able to unlock does not let you in, please report it to Facilities. Classroom card readers are for access control only, and do not record attendance.

Student Access

Students have access to DigiPen’s campus from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. (midnight) every day of the week. See our Campus Hours page for additional times for specific services.

ID Badge Policies

  • If an ID badge is lost or stolen, it must be reported to DigiPen Facilities immediately.
  • ID badges must be surrendered to DigiPen Administration upon academic completion or termination.
  • Under no circumstance allow anyone to use your badge for any reason.
  • ID badges must be worn at all times while on school property. We recommend using a lanyard as the badges contain sensitive filaments that can get damaged and become inoperable through excessive flexing.

How to Care for Your ID Badge

  • Do not leave in direct sunlight.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • Do not expose to organic solvents.
  • Do not punch a hole in any part of the badge.
  • Do not place stickers on the badge.
  • Do not bend, twist, or crimp badge.

How to Replace Your ID Badge

A badge may be replaced free of charge only if it stops working and there is no visible damage, or if the clip breaks. Otherwise, there is a $25 fee to replace broken or misplaced badges. Temporary student badges are available for sign-out at the Security Desk while a new one is being made for you. To request a replacement badge, email