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Want to know what DigiPen students are capable of creating? Check out some of these outstanding student projects in games, art, animation, and engineering.

Student Art

To excel in the digital arts requires more than innate talent. It takes years of discipline, study, and a keen understanding of the visual language found within nature, architecture, and the world around us. With time and dedication, students in the BFA in Digital Art and Animation program gain not only the ability to imagine new worlds altogether, but also the skills and insights to bring those ideas to life through captivating imagery. These are just a few fine examples of what our students have created at DigiPen.

Inspiring Stories

Students shared their resumes with companies like Nintendo, Epic Games, Xbox, and more.


DigiPen’s Fifth Annual Internship Fair Was the Biggest Yet

Students gathered for the chance to chat with representatives from giants of the game and tech industry.

Michael Pitaniello and Deepak Chennakkadan stand next to luxury cars in the Turn 10 Studios lobby.


Two Digital Audio Grads Take the Wheel in Forza Motorsport 7

Deepak Chennakkadan and Michael Pitaniello give us a look under the hood on their audio work at Turn 10 Studios.

Ryan Dudley poses for the camera above the crowd at the NFL draft.


Meet Ryan Dudley, Lead App Developer for the NFL and DigiPen’s First Football Star

The Real-Time Interactive Simulation grad went from a decade in casual games to professional sports.