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For students interested in joining specialized communities within our housing program, this page details our Housing policies and other community resources. If you have any questions regarding these procedures or want more information, feel free to reach out to us.

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Living Learning Communities

A living learning community is a residential housing option that groups students by shared interest and is designed to enhance the student experience by building strong relationships, offering educational opportunities, and cocurricular experiences.

Rainbow Living Learning Community

DigiPen Housing and Residence Life is excited to introduce Rainbow as our first living learning community. In support of our LGBTQQIA+ students at DigiPen, we are establishing a dedicated residential community to provide additional resources and educational opportunities.

Mission Statement

Rainbow is a residential community that serves our LGBTQQIA+ residents and allies in DigiPen Housing and Residence Life. The mission of Rainbow is to provide LGBTQQIA+ residents and allies an environment where they can thrive academically, foster tools that promote their holistic wellness, and inspire lifelong learning to promote social justice to the global community of science, engineering, arts, digital media, and interactive computer technologies by providing transformative learning experiences in an inclusive environment.

Rainbow will foster transformative experiences and an inclusive environment for our residents by prioritizing safety, self-development opportunities, fostering strong relationships with community partners in Redmond, Washington, and hosting programmatic events that promote a community of care between the residents.

How to Apply

In order to join Rainbow, you must be a current student at DigiPen and you must identify as a part of the LGBTQQIA+. Self-identified allies are welcome to apply. Admittance to Rainbow is limited, and subject to approval.

If you are interested in living in or participating in Rainbow, please indicate this when submitting a DigiPen Housing Application. The application portal will supply you with a supplemental application for Rainbow upon completion of your application.

Additional Resources

Please feel free to visit the following pages to learn more about the resources available for LGBTQQIA+ students at DigiPen:

Community Policies and Housing Agreement

Students living with DigiPen Housing and Residential Life are expected to abide by all provisions of their Housing Agreement, Residential Life Handbook, and DigiPen Institute of Technology policies. Violation of policies may result in disciplinary action through the student conduct process. DigiPen Institute of Technology and DigiPen Housing and Residential Life reserve the right to add to or otherwise amend these policies as circumstances arise.

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