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Academic Freedom

Faculty at DigiPen enjoy freedom of expression in their research, creative works, and in the classroom. We commit to:

  • Encourage and protect intellectual inquiry and the open exchange of scholarly ideas
  • Promote the free expression of scholarly ideas as well as freedom of artistic expression for both faculty and students
  • Ensure instructional autonomy within professional guidelines
  • Encourage internal and external interdisciplinary collaboration

Academic Excellence

DigiPen maintains high standards in the delivery of all instruction and in its projects. We commit to:

  • Provide strong foundations and a rigorous course of study in each discipline
  • Make and keep classroom instruction relevant
  • Foster research, creativity, and critical inquiry
  • Provide personalized interaction between faculty and students

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are rooted in the fundamental belief in the value of each individual, and the understanding that, as a community, we must strive to maximize everyone’s chance to succeed. We commit to:

  • Create a supportive and respectful environment that reflects the diversity of our larger community and ensures the well-being of all
  • Provide the necessary services that make it possible for all at DigiPen to succeed
  • Hire and retain diverse staff and faculty
  • Foster the recruitment and retention of students, staff, and faculty of diverse backgrounds
  • Integrate issues of diversity and equity into the curriculum whenever relevant
  • Promote civil discourse in conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion

Social Responsibility

DigiPen expects its faculty, students and staff to acknowledge their responsibility towards the community at large and build a sense of awareness and personal accountability of how their choices create positive change. We commit to:

  • Promote the highest professional and ethical standards
  • Stay academically and pedagogically relevant and forward thinking in all disciplines
  • Examine social issues critical to the creation of art and technology
  • Ask relevant questions about the ethical use of art and technology
  • Explore ways in which we can serve the larger community
  • Create a lifelong community of students, alumni, faculty and staff


Innovation is vital to the institute’s future effectiveness and relevance and to its visionary approach to education. We commit to:

  • Stay academically and pedagogically relevant and forward thinking in all disciplines
  • Promote exploratory research and creative works
  • Explore and assess experimental and nascent technologies
  • Recognize that risk and failure have constructive value, and are essential to the process of discovery and progress.