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Media Relations

Are you a journalist writing a story about DigiPen Institute of Technology? Would you like to get in touch with DigiPen students, faculty, or staff? Reach out to:

Dan Klusman
VP of Marketing and Communications
DigiPen Institute of Technology
9931 Willows Road NE, Redmond, WA 98052
Phone: (425) 895-4414

DigiPen in the News

Thanks to our unique story, pioneering approach to technology education, and the success of our students and alumni, DigiPen has received coverage from publications around the world. For additional news and success stories about DigiPen students and faculty, visit our News section.

Publications Featuring DigiPen

2/2/24The News TribuneNew study ranks Washington among top 10 states with highest-earning college graduates
3/23/21Rock Paper ShotgunOMFG: One Million Fatal Guns technically has over 30 million
8/13/20gamesindustry.bizGrounded: A big experimental adventure made by Obsidian’s tiniest team (featuring DigiPen BS in RTIS alumnus Adam Brennecke)
7/29/20Redmond ReporterDigiPen expands campus with ‘The Wing’
7/29/20Uppercut!Are For-Profit Game Dev Schools Still Worth It? (featuring DigiPen BS in RTIS alumnus Joe Lubertazzi and COO Chris Comair)
4/23/20GeekWireWith physical sites lost to COVID-19, escape room pioneer Puzzle Break turns to new virtual games (featuring DigiPen BS in RTIS alumnus Nate Martin)
4/10/20Redmond ReporterDigiPen serves up hot food and more for school community with DragonDrop
3/2/20VentureBeat20 women in gaming you should know (featuring DigiPen BS in RTIS alumna Kim Swift)
2/3/20GamasutraCongratulate these GDC 2020 Narrative Summit poster winners!
12/3/19ForbesThe 2020 30 Under 30: Games (featuring DigiPen BS in RTIS alumnus Kyle Holdwick)
11/21/19Authority Magazine“5 Things You Should Do To Become a Thought Leader In Your Industry,” with Nate Martin, CEO of Puzzle Break (featuring DigiPen BS in RTIS alumnus Nate Martin)
11/14/19PolygonWe talked with Obsidian about Grounded, mixing Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and a survival game (featuring DigiPen alumnus Adam Brennecke)
11/14/19GeekWireWith women at its heart, GeekGirlCon celebrates geeky minorities and fans of all ages (featuring DigiPen faculty member Sonia Michaels)
3/21/19VarietyHow to Build an Inclusive Game Studio Culture (featuring DigiPen faculty member Sonia Michaels)
3/20/19GamasutraBuilding an inclusive studio culture begins with retention (featuring DigiPen faculty member Sonia Michaels)
2/8/19GamasutraHere are your GDC 2019 Narrative Summit poster session winners!
11/8/18Geek WireSeattle’s next unicorn? Valve and Disney vets raise $5M to build online VR games at BigBox VR
9/7/18GeekWireGeek of the Week: 30 years later, DigiPen and Jason Chu still in the game with unique education model
9/3/18AltChar.comValve back into making games, no Half Life 3 announcement yet
9/3/18The Maui NewsSTEM camp creator wins top prize at MEDB education event
8/31/18ShackNewsDigiPen Institute of Technology celebrates 30 year anniversary with PAX West panel
6/22/18GeekWireGeek of the Week: There’s no escaping it — Puzzle Break’s Nate Martin created his dream startup (featuring DigiPen BS in RTIS alumnus Nate Martin)
5/1/18CNBC.comThe 25 colleges where students go on to earn the most money
3/23/18CNET19 games at GDC 2018 that redefine what a video game even is
3/23/18VentureBeatIntel University names the top college game projects at GDC 2018
3/22/18SidequestDigiPen Game Development Students Redesign The Industry
3/13/18GamasutraRoad to the IGF: Penny Blue Finds a Clue
3/2/18Game DeveloperThe Soundscape of Suara: An Audio-Reactive Action Game
3/2/18GamespotBadass Women in Gaming (featuring DigiPen BS in RTIS alumna Kim Swift)
2/22/18GamasutraThese are your GDC 2018 Narrative Summit poster session winners!
2/19/18Arduino BlogPlay Striker Air Hockey on a capacitive touch surface
2/19/18Eos.orgMonitoring Tropical Cyclones with Lightning and Satellite Data
2/16/18GamasutraAlt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Striker Air Hockey
2/16/18StudyBreaks.com4 Video Games Designed by Students That Changed the Industry (featuring DigiPen student game Narbacular Drop)
2/16/18The Psychology of Video Games PodcastPodcast 34: Game Design Education and Psychology 101 (featuring DigiPen faculty member Vanessa Hemovich)
10/20/17PCGamerThe history of the first person shooter (featuring DigiPen student game Narbacular Drop)
10/9/17GameGrinGame Origins: Portal
9/16/17Hardcore GamerGuardian of the Gears is Short and Sweet
9/15/17Hardcore GamerPrysm Break is Mind-Bending, Awesome, Free
9/15/17PCGamesNDistance brings Rocket League-style acrobatics to the race track (featuring DigiPen student game Nitronic Rush)
9/1/17KOMO-TVWatch: First day of PAX West kicks off in Seattle
6/16/17Redmond ReporterVideo-game art design shines at VALA display
5/25/17425 BusinessDigiPen Student-Created Films Selected for SIFF
3/23/17425 BusinessDigiPen Named A Top School For Game Design
3/14/17SideQuesting[PAX East] Going the Distance in a light car, man (featuring DigiPen student game Nitronic Rush)
3/8/17Rock Paper ShotgunAlt.Ctrl.GDC: a joyful celebration of brilliant controllers (featuring DigiPen student game Sand Garden)
2/2/17EurogamerWatch: How Valve found Portal - Here’s A Thing (featuring DigiPen student game Narbacular Drop)
1/31/17GamasutraAlt.CTRL.GDC Showcase: Sand Garden
1/26/17Games RadarPortal 2: How Valve used paint and personality to rip reality apart (featuring DigiPen student game Tag: The Power of Paint)
11/24/16Seattle TimesAfter 4 years of waiting, this Federal Way boy gets ‘somebody in his corner’ (featuring DigiPen alumnus Mark Barrett)
11/11/16Game DeveloperVideo: Devs share some of the simplest AI tricks in the book (featuring DigiPen faculty member Steve Rabin)
9/1/16DorkshelfFour Sided Fantasy Review (featuring DigiPen BA in Game Design alumnus Logan Fieth)
2/22/16GameranxThis New Portal Documentary Drops Down Into Its Unseen History (featuring DigiPen student game Narbacular Drop)
2/2/16Games and LearningWhy Fallout 3 Might Be a Great STEM Game (featuring DigiPen faculty member Vanessa Hemovich)
8/14/15Seattle Times‘This has got to change’: Women game developers fight sexism in industry
6/26/15The Mary SueGame Changer: Fullbright Animator Noël Clark Talks Small Companies vs. Freelance, Challenging Experiences, & Advancements in Animation (featuring DigiPen BFA alumna Noël Clark)
3/25/15ForbesThe Top Colleges and Grad Schools To Study Game Design
10/15/13Ars TechnicaChecking in on North America’s first video game college, 25 years later
3/22/13GeekWireHigh grades: DigiPen named No. 3 video game design school by Princeton Review
2/19/13KING-TVWatch: Seattle area producing the game makers of tomorrow
1/5/13National GeographicScientists Seek Foolproof Signal to Predict Earthquakes (featuring DigiPen faculty member Jeremy Thomas)
12/26/12The VergeDesigning race cars of the future in ‘Distance’ (featuring DigiPen student game Nitronic Rush)
12/14/12GeekWireThe power of perspective: DigiPen students debut popular mind-bending game (featuring DigiPen student game Perspective)
12/13/12The VergePlay this: ‘Perspective,’ a mind-bending combination of 2D and 3D platforming
12/12/12PC GamerPerspective out now, lose yourself in a free 2D/3D puzzle platformer
11/14/12PC GamerIndie racing game Distance reaches Kickstarter funding (featuring DigiPen student game Nitronic Rush)
10/16/12VentureBeatThree DigiPen grads are thinking big by producing small (featuring DigiPen alumni Kyle Holdwick, Jordan Hemenway, and Jason Nollan)
10/12/12GeekWireFriday Night Lights, Zombie-style: DigiPen students battle with week-long finale
10/19/11Animation Career ReviewDigiPen Institute of Technology’s Angela Kugler Discusses Their Innovative and Thorough Approach to Game Development Education
8/4/11GeekWireMeet the 15-year-old whose game wowed the crowd at DigiPen’s summer camp
4/19/11NPR‘Portal 2’: A Student Video Game, All Grown Up (featuring DigiPen student games Narbacular Drop and Tag: The Power of Paint)
4/18/11Seattle TimesBackstory to blockbuster game ‘Portal 2’ is a real Cinderella tale (featuring DigiPen student games Narbacular Drop and Tag: The Power of Paint)
9/25/07WiredUnlock the Doors of Deception in Mind-Warping Puzzler Portal (featuring DigiPen student game Narbacular Drop)