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The moment you find out that you’ve been accepted at DigiPen can be an exciting one. You might be tempted to imagine your first day of classes as some far-off time in the distant future, but the reality is there are many matters to attend to before arriving on campus. By coming prepared on day one, you’ll give yourself the best opportunity to succeed in your freshman year and beyond.

The resources below will help organize your preparation for the academic year, and our Office of Admissions is available to answer any other questions you have. Contact us by phone at (425) 629-5001 or by sending a message to

  • Computer Requirements

    With computing at the heart of much of the DigiPen curriculum, we require all incoming students to have access to a laptop computer to work on coursework and projects on the go. We list the required minimum specifications here.

  • Incoming Student Supplies

    Here you will find first-year supply lists for certain degree programs, including links to online and physical supply stores in the area.

  • New Student Orientation

    New Student Orientation is a full-day event for new students and their families to learn about the campus and their chosen academic program. Current students serve as your guides for the day, sharing from their own experiences and insights about life at DigiPen.

  • Required Materials List

    The faculty have provided a list of required materials for specific courses. You will also find information about supplies from the Dragon Shop on campus and purchasing/borrowing from online sources.

  • Why the Nude Model is Necessary

    As a student entering our art curriculum, you must agree to participate in the study of the nude form. DigiPen maintains that this practice best prepares digital artists and animators for their future careers. This essay describes why our faculty believes nude models continue to be relevant in modern art instruction.