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It is absolutely necessary for a student withdrawing from DigiPen to make an appointment with the Office of Financial Aid for an exit interview prior to leaving the Institute. This applies to students who are withdrawing and/or transferring to another institution. Failure to meet for an exit interview may increase the risk of defaulting on student loans. Students who withdraw may be subject to the return of Title IV Funds.

Withdrawing from the Institute and the “W” Grade

To formally withdraw from the Institute, a student must submit a completed Withdrawal Notice Form to the Office of the Registrar. Withdrawal Notice Forms may be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs or the Office of the Registrar.

Upon withdrawing from DigiPen, the student shall immediately return all materials in the student’s possession relating to the program, whether created by the student or other students, or provided by the Institute.

Please note:

  • If withdrawing before the end of the second week of instruction, no course entries will appear on the student’s transcript for that semester.

  • If withdrawing after the end of the 14th calendar day of the semester and before the end of the 56th calendar day, the Registrar will assign a final grade of “W” for each course in which the student was enrolled.

  • Effective after the 56th calendar day of the semester, withdrawn students will receive final grades for each course in which they were enrolled.