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Degrees will be granted at the end of the semester in which students complete their final requirements. For example, if a student receives an “I” grade in a course required for graduation in the final semester, the student will not graduate until the semester in which the “I” is replaced by a letter grade. During that semester, the student must reapply for graduation.

A program of study must be completed within a reasonable period of time for a student to be eligible for graduation. The Institute defines “reasonable time” as: the credit hours attempted cannot exceed 1.5 times the credit hours required to complete the program. Students who do not complete their studies during this maximum time frame will be placed on Academic Warning and will have to complete their program requirements under the conditions of their Academic Warning.

Applying for Graduation

The Institute sets minimum requirements for all students seeking undergraduate degrees. DigiPen reserves the right to change graduation requirements at any time. Every degree candidate is expected to comply with changes in requirements as they relate to the uncompleted portion of coursework.

Most students will follow the graduation requirements published in the catalog for the year they enter DigiPen. Students who interrupt their attendance may be held to the requirements of the current Catalog when they return. Students are responsible for ensuring that all graduation requirements have been completed.

Approximately four to six weeks after students apply for graduation, a degree audit report will be issued. This report identifies courses students have taken to complete their degree requirements. This report assists students in planning future coursework to ensure that all graduation requirements are met. Students should take the degree audit report with them when checking progress toward graduation with their academic advisor and/or the Office of the Registrar. Students are responsible for notifying the Office of the Registrar of any changes in their proposed programs and for resolving any questions prior to registering for their final term at DigiPen.

All Incomplete grades and conditions affecting graduation must be removed from the student’s record by the last regular class period of the term. All credit coursework affecting graduation must be completed by the regular class period of the term. A letter of instruction is mailed to degree candidates in March regarding deadlines and procedures for commencement-related activities.

Undergraduate students who feel there is justification for an exception to these graduation requirements may petition the Appeals and Disciplinary Committee. Information on filing a petition is available at the Office of the Registrar.

Graduation Application Process

  1. The student completes the Graduation Application by the deadlines stated in the table below.

    Graduation Application Deadlines
    Graduation DateGraduation Application Due Date
    AprilDecember 1
    JulyApril 1
    DecemberJuly 1
  2. The Student Success Advisor or administrator will review the most recent transcript or degree plan to verify progress and will notify the student whether or not the student has completed all courses satisfactorily to date, and, if upon satisfactory completion of courses for which the student is currently registered, the student will be eligible for graduation.

  3. Final approval will not be made until after final grades are submitted and posted to the student’s record. Degrees will be mailed as soon as possible after that process, which should be from four to six weeks after completion. The student needs to keep the Office of the Registrar informed of address changes so that degrees will be mailed to the correct address.