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We understand that, as an international student at DigiPen’s Redmond campus, you have many things to keep in mind in addition to classes and projects. The immigration regulations, employment issues, and travel arrangements you might be facing can be complex, and you shouldn’t have to deal with them alone.

Fortunately, DigiPen has been welcoming students from all around the world for years. Our Student Affairs staff is knowledgeable and experienced in many of the everyday issues international students encounter. We encourage you to stop by our offices or reach out to us at (425) 558-0299 or if you have any questions. We have also put together several informational resources for international students attending DigiPen Redmond.

  • Contact International Student Affairs

    Reach out to our staff with any of your questions, especially those concerning international needs. We are happy and ready to assist you.

  • Immigration Regulations

    As an international student, the rules involved in entering, residing in, and departing the United States are very intricate. We provide information on topics such as maintaining your visa status, keeping your SEVIS registration up to date, and the contact information for DigiPen’s Designated School Officials (DSOs).

  • Student Employment

    During your time at DigiPen, you may wish to pursue some form of employment to help cover living expenses and gain invaluable work experience in your field. There are strict regulations regarding employment while living in the country on an F-1 visa, which we outline for you here.

  • Tax Information

    As a student on an F-1 visa, you must file tax forms with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) every year, whether or not you were employed. We have put together a guide to the various types of forms, concepts, and regulations that you should be aware of.

  • How to Change Your Address

    If you have recently moved to a new address within the country, you will need to fill out an AR-11 form, the process for which we lay out here.

  • Commencement

    If family members wish to join you in celebrating your graduation, they may require supporting documentation to help obtain a travel visa. While not a guarantee of a visa, the Graduation Invitation Letter we provide may strengthen their application.

Related Resources

In addition to the related resources below, if you are a new, incoming student, you may find more information on the For International Incoming Students page.

  • Forms and Documents

    Find required admissions forms and other documents for incoming and current international students attending the Redmond campus.

  • Health Insurance for International Students

    All international students are required to carry a health-and-accident insurance policy while attending DigiPen Redmond. You can learn more about coverage requirements and how to obtain a qualifying policy here.