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Since bright-eyed kids first encountered the melodic beeps and the multicolored glow of their favorite game, the video game industry has experienced incredible growth. Today, games are a multibillion-dollar industry that combines technical skills likes computer science and math with the creative art of storytelling and interactivity. At DigiPen, this type of expertise helps graduates to thrive in the industry.

Many dream of making their own game but may not have the tools, team, or resources to learn how to make it happen. Video games are for everyone, and we prepare all hopeful DigiPen Dragons with the information and tools they need to make the decision to attend. That includes what they should expect financially.

Understanding Tuition and Cost of Attendance

Each year, DigiPen puts together an outline of institutional costs, fees, and estimated costs of living that students can expect for the coming year. There’s a lot to consider when calculating the total cost — including that students rarely pay the full amount.

DigiPen's Initial Cost of Attendance

DigiPen Tuition and Fees (direct costs billed by DigiPen)

Class enrollment and academic fees make up most of your cost, but our financial aid options put the focus on what matters most — your education.

Other Expenses (various indirect costs)

Necessities like food, supplies, housing, and other personal expenses round out your cost to attend.

Cutting the Total Cost

Federal and State Aid

Making college more affordable is a choice, not a dream.

From awards based on your academic history to resources that take your economic background into account, there are multiple aid opportunities for everyone. Start bridging the gap between your budget and your financial needs.

Actual Cost of Attendance

When you break it down, your estimated cost of attendance is often lower than the sticker price for tuition.

College is a major financial investment. The initial price can be intimidating, but it’s crucial to remember that the actual price will likely look different. Determine yours with our Net Price Calculator!

Estimate my cost of attendance

Prioritizing Your Aid

A lot of options potentially mean a lot of cost-cutting opportunities. But where should you start?

Getting in Touch

A student eagerly chats with a member of the financial aid team.

Teamwork is at the heart of a DigiPen education, but it’s also an integral part of our financial aid process. Our Financial Aid team is at the ready to assist you and any hopeful future Dragons as they determine their financial needs. We’re just an email or a call away!

With pencil in hand, a student smiles as she makes progress on her studies.

Staying Informed

Whether it’s a refresher on financial aid terms or a run through of the most commonly asked student questions students ask, we’ve got you covered.