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From patents, publications, and award-winning research to credits on landmark games and animated films, the accomplishments of our faculty are as diverse as they are impressive. But while their areas of expertise may be wide-ranging, DigiPen faculty are united by a common passion for imparting their years of knowledge and experience to a new generation of creative professionals. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1, DigiPen students often receive individual mentorship and guidance throughout the course of their studies.

DigiPen faculty teach on a vast spectrum of topics in courses spanning 10 academic departments. See each department page for a full list of faculty by department.

Academic Departments

Animation and Production

Department Chair - YZ Tan

The faculty from the Department of Animation and Production bring a variety of professional backgrounds in animation and filmmaking to DigiPen, and many instructors come with experience from renowned studios such as Walt Disney Animation Studios. Faculty members pass on time-tested practices designed to prepare students for work in professional film and game development environments.

Computer Science

Department Chair - Pushpak Karnick, Ph.D.

Faculty from the Department of Computer Science bring an attitude of innovation into the classroom, as demonstrated by the many patents and publications in their backgrounds. The faculty’s ability to teach foundational concepts in computer science serves students well by giving them a solid base of knowledge from which to pursue a wide range of specializations and advanced topics.

Digital Arts

Department Chair - Alain Schneuwly

The faculty of the Department of Digital Arts draw on many years of experience as professional illustrators and designers in both 2D and 3D media. Students benefit from the theory and practical skills imparted by the faculty and gain a realistic look at what it takes to succeed in the modern digital art production environment.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department Chair - Lorena Villarreal, Ph.D.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty bring a wealth of expert knowledge in a variety of fields such as circuits, robotics, operating systems, and programmable logic. Faculty instructors often involve undergraduates in applied research projects, offering unique opportunities for hands-on learning.

Fine Arts

Department Chair - Rob Kmiec, MA

Faculty in the Department of Fine Arts come to DigiPen from many fields, including both the traditional avenues of illustration, painting, and sculpture, as well as other media such as filmmaking, animation, and 3D modeling. Students learn fundamental skills and aesthetic theory while honing their artistic abilities through sustained practice and critical feedback.

Game Software Design and Production

Department Co-Chair - Richard Thames Rowan

Department Co-Chair - Douglas Schilling

The Department of Game Software Design and Production is home to faculty who bring decades of experience in the game and software industries. Students learn from expert designers and producers who know what it takes to create a successful product from beginning to end. The department emphasizes collaborative project-based learning, meaning students gain true-to-life working experience in their future fields.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Department Chair - Fara Nizamani, Ph.D.

Faculty in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences help students to examine various media — such as games, literature, and more — with an eye to the social signals and messages being communicated. Students learn to become aware of the psychological and philosophical significance behind the games, systems, and narratives they consume and create.


Department Chair - Ton Boerkoel, Ph.D.

The faculty of the Department of Mathematics are active researchers in some of the most exciting topics in their field, including cryptography, probability, and fuzzy logic. Students learn the essential mathematics skills that directly relate to their parallel coursework in computer science topics such as 3D graphics, simulation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more.


Department Chair - Bruce Stark

The Department of Music faculty are experienced musicians, sound designers, composers, and audio engineers. In addition to teaching foundational music theory and composition, they also provide one-on-one music performance instruction, as well as valuable training in studio-recording techniques. Students are exposed to diverse musical styles and opportunities to develop both their breadth of knowledge and abilities.


Department Chair - Natalia Solorzano, Ph.D.

Faculty in the Department of Physics bring a wealth of experience and academic research in the fields of astrophysics, magnetism, meteorological modeling, and more. Department faculty not only teach students the fundamental concepts that govern the physical universe, but also the knowledge of how to apply those concepts to the world of computer simulation and beyond.

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