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Are you a problem solver by nature? Do you marvel at the inner workings of complex systems? Computer scientists are the true innovators of the modern age, constantly working toward more robust and efficient solutions to the challenges we face. If you want to be at the forefront of developing new and emerging technologies that will change the world, a DigiPen education can help set you on the path toward career success.

Why DigiPen’s Computer Science Education Is Different

Our computer science degree programs aren’t just effective, they’re also unique in the world of computer science education. Read this animated comic to discover what makes learning at DigiPen so remarkable.

Through a focus on core programming languages, specialized topics, and large-scale team-based projects, DigiPen’s computer science degree programs allow you to build a strong foundation based on both knowledge and practice. Our computer science graduates are equipped for any industry where software development expertise and intrepid problem solving are in demand.

  • BS in Computer Science

    This program covers a wide range of important computer science topics — such as networks, compilers, and parallel programming — and their modern-day applications. You’ll also have the opportunity to apply your knowledge towards team-based software engineering projects.

  • BS in Computer Science in Machine Learning

    DigiPen’s newest computer science degree program teaches you how to develop software that can process, analyze, and make sense of data input. As a graduate of the program, you will be well-versed in data science and software engineering — prepared to tackle real-world problems with machine learning solutions.

  • MS in Computer Science

    For students and professionals with a prior degree, DigiPen’s Master of Science in Computer Science program further advances your knowledge of 3D computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and advanced algorithms.

Other Computer Science Degrees

If you’re interested in a computer science degree but want to specialize in software development for games or digital audio, DigiPen offers three additional computer science degree programs, which can be found on the following pages.

Each of DigiPen’s computer science bachelor’s degrees shares a similar sample course sequence for the first year of the program.

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