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Every student at DigiPen is assigned both a Faculty Mentor and a Student Success Advisor at the start of their first semester.

Faculty Mentors are available to help students create educational and professional goals and help each student develop a deeper appreciation of their field of study.

Student Success Advisors assist students with class registration, course selection, and academic success skill development. They also answer questions about DigiPen’s academic policies and procedures.

Faculty Mentors

Faculty mentors are assigned the third week of the semester. If students have questions before matriculation, they should contact the Student Success Advisor designated for their program. Matriculated students can use SRS to find their Faculty and Student Success Advisors. To do so:

  • Log in to SRS using your eight-digit ID number and assigned password

  • Move the mouse to “My Profile” at the top of the page

  • Click “My Record” on the drop-down menu

  • Your advisor assignments are in the right column at the bottom of the “Academic Information” column

Students should speak to their Faculty Mentors about:

  • Professional development
  • Career goals
  • Developing further appreciation for their degree program

Student Success Advisors

It is recommended that students meet with their Student Success Advisor at least once a year as well as when they are applying for graduation. This ensures that the student is meeting their academic objectives and enrolling in the correct classes. Students should speak to their Student Success Advisors about:

  • Choosing classes for the coming semester
  • Academic progress
  • Setting academic goals
  • Changing majors
  • Preparation for graduation
  • Social issues

Students can seek academic advice through their Student Success Advisor as long as they maintain an “enrolled” status at DigiPen.

Contact studentsuccess[at]digipen[dot]edu or one of the following Student Success Advisors with any academic advising questions.

Teresa Boyes

Director of Student Success (All BSCE and MSCS cohorts; RTIS and BSCS 2017 cohorts and earlier)

Nik Bowen

Student Success Advisor (All BSCSML cohorts; RTIS and BSCS 2018 cohorts and later) and Communication Coordinator

Sydney Self

Student Success Advisor (BAGD/BSCSGD) and Data Specialist

Joanne Wang, M. Ed

Student Success Advisor (BFA/MFA/Sound Design) and Coordinator of Tutoring Services