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All student names displayed in technology or on physical documents or badges on campus will be a student’s legal name unless otherwise specified by a student request to use a preferred name. In such case, the student’s preferred name will be displayed as if it were their legal name. During the application process, applicants may enter a preferred first name in the optional portion of their initial application for admission. This preferred name will be used in the implementation of this policy. Applicants may request to update the names in their application prior to enrolling. Depending on the name change request some documentation may be required. After the student has enrolled, name changes may be made in Colleague Self-Service (CSS) and are subject to approval.

Faculty and staff may indicate preferred first name with the Human Resources Office and are subject to approval.

Preferred Name Use

Preferred first name will be used for various services on campus. Services that may display preferred first name include but are not limited to:

  • acceptance letter
  • classroom attendance sheet
  • student account/email
  • Moodle portal
  • library account
  • security badge
  • career services database
  • company day roster
  • graduation program
  • campus posted graduation plaque
  • dean’s list
  • alumni communications

Legal Name Use

The student, faculty, and staff utilizing a name other than their legal name understand that some services or school communications must use legal first and last names. Places legal first and last names will be used include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • student enrollment agreement and any subsequent addendum or acknowledgments
  • academic probation notification
  • diploma
  • financial aid documentation
  • student employment timesheet system and paycheck
  • I-20 student visa

Students may be required to disclose preferred first name together with legal name on future documents including, but not limited to: background checks, professional licensure applications, and graduate school/employment applications.


DigiPen Institute of Technology (DIT) will display preferred first names to the DIT community where feasible and appropriate, and it will make a good faith effort to update the reports, documents, and systems designated to use preferred first names. Inappropriate use of the preferred name policy (including but not limited to avoiding legal obligation or misrepresentation) may be cause for denying use of a preferred name. DIT reserves the right to remove any preferred first name that is deemed inappropriate.