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Emergency drills are conducted on an annual basis and coordinated with local property owners and emergency officials.

In the event that physical conditions, or other circumstances, make it difficult to provide a safe or productive work environment, DigiPen may close its facilities. Examples of such circumstances include severe weather or environmental conditions, utility, equipment or systems failures, or other conditions which directly affect DigiPen’s facilities or the surrounding community.

Information Resources

When there is a building closure, employees and students will be notified via one or more of the following methods:

  • Regroup text messaging service*†
  • E-mail
  • Voice mail
  • Web page notification
  • In person by Facilities department personnel in the event of a power outage
  • Employee emergency voice mail message (after hours)

*Please make sure that your mobile phone information is up to date in your CSS account. To opt-out of the Regroup text messaging service, please change this preference in your DRAMA account under “Profile > Emergency Notification System.” See our DigiPen Student Handbook for more information.

† Regroup is a free service to the DigiPen community. However, you are still responsible for any messaging charges your wireless service provider may impose.

For information regarding the reopening of the facility following a closure, please call DigiPen Security at (425) 629-5006. DigiPen will provide updated status reports as needed.

Coordination of Closure

Any information regarding emergency conditions should be reported to DigiPen Security at (425) 629-5006. DigiPen Security will share this information with DigiPen Administration, who is responsible for coordinating building closures and will act without delay.

DigiPen Administration is responsible for soliciting information from the media, weather services, local law enforcement agencies, utility companies, the Department of Transportation, METRO, and other appropriate sources to assist in determining whether company facilities should be closed.

When the institute communicates a building closure, all affected employees and students are expected to vacate the premises as soon as reasonably possible. Employees are asked not to unnecessarily delay their departures as this may complicate their commute home or create operational and security problems. Facilities personnel will begin securing facilities as soon as a closure decision has been made.