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The DigiPen campus is more than a collection of classrooms. It’s a home and community for a diverse population of students who share similar many interests, hobbies, and skills. The atmosphere of collaboration, competition, and passion that the DigiPen student body embodies has produced a learning environment that exists nowhere else in the world. For over 30 years, this has been a place where an uncommon mix of aspiring game makers, scientists, engineers, artists, and musicians have come together and belonged.

This community spirit is evident in the dozens of student-run clubs and organizations that meet on campus throughout the year. It can also be seen in our constant efforts to create a safer, more inclusive environment for all students.

Throughout their time at DigiPen, we encourage students to cultivate a social awareness of the broader world around them and a shared sense of personal responsibility when working with others. Not only does this have a positive impact on our campus, it also inspires students to enter their professional lives ready to foster healthy, welcoming workplaces.

Want to experience DigiPen student life in person?

  • Clubs and Student Organizations

    Dozens of student groups meet on campus to enjoy shared interests in gaming, arts and entertainment, science, culture, and more. A sample of current and past clubs and organizations are listed here, as well as the process to form new clubs.

  • DigiPen Jazz

    Composed of dedicated student performers, the DigiPen Jazz Ensemble performs at events both on-campus as well as throughout the Redmond area. The ensemble is a fun way for students to earn academic credit and hone their musicianship at the same time.

  • LGBTQ Resources

    As part of our mission to create an inclusive campus for students of every gender and sexual orientation, we have made many resources available to LGBTQ-identifying students and allies. This includes diversity events regularly scheduled on campus, career and counseling services, as well as inclusive housing, bathroom, and preferred name policies.