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Frequently Asked Questions

Are students required to live in student housing?

No. Participation in the student housing program is optional.

How many residents live in each unit?

Our units range from three to five residents, with the majority of units hosting four residents.

Is family housing available?

DigiPen Housing, LLC does not currently provide a family housing program.

Can I view a unit prior to applying?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are unable to conduct any in-person tours of our units. Please see the Housing Options page to view photos, layouts, and videos of our units.

Can I have a pet in Student Housing?

No pets of any kind are allowed in student housing. If you require a service, emotional support, or therapy animal as an accommodation for a documented disability, please see the Requesting Housing Accommodations page or contact the Disability Support Services Office for information about required documentation, policies, and requesting this accommodation.

What is the smoking policy?

Smoking is not allowed inside DigiPen Housing units or balconies. Many of the complexes we work with additionally have strict “no smoking policies” for their entire property. Please note that this includes e-cigarettes, hookah, vaping, and any other way to smoke tobacco and/or marijuana.

What is the alcohol and drug policy?

Alcohol, drugs (including marijuana), and related paraphernalia are not allowed in units, even if a resident is over 21 years of age.

Can I request a specific roommate/complex/unit?

After an application is complete, the deposit is paid, and the applicant has signed their enrollment agreement, students will have the opportunity to request roommates in their application by logging back in and forming Roommate Matching Groups. Once placements have been sent, groups cannot be formed.

Residents do not get to pick their complexes. Instead, we prioritize by requested bedspace as all four complexes are similar. Previously, upper division residents picked their space, but due to an increase in students entering our housing program, we cannot assign residents to their preferred complex.

What furniture is provided with the unit? Do units come with a washer/dryer?

Please see the Housing Amenities section for a list of provided furniture and other amenities. We additionally provide residents a list of recommended items that are not provided when roommate placements are announced.

Is transportation available for residents to get to campus from student housing?

Many students opt to walk or ride scooters or bicycles to campus. DigiPen additionally provides a shuttle service that stops at each student housing complex.

How far away from the DigiPen campus are the units?

All units range from 0.7 to 3.3 miles from campus. Please refer to the Housing Options page for additional location details.

Is housing available over holiday break?

Residents are allowed to stay in their assigned units over fall and winter break at no additional cost.

How can I pay for housing?

Please see Tuition and Housing Payments for information on the different methods to pay for student housing.

What is your policy on refunding the security deposit?

Please refer to the timeline section the relevant year and term for security deposit refund deadlines.

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