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Colleague Self-Service (CSS) will be your go-to resource for registration throughout your time at DigiPen. In this section you will learn to use CSS to register for your initial courses as a student, as well as additional information about privacy rights, tuition, and billing.

There are several important registration deadlines you need to know as an incoming student. You will receive your CSS username and password by mid-April or upon enrolling, whichever comes first.

For students who begin classes in the fall, registration begins in May. The initial registration due date will be in mid August. After that date has passed, you may still add classes into late August, if there is room available in the course. You may drop classes without financial penalty until late August. Classes dropped after this date will incur a financial penalty. See the Academic Calendar for more current dates and deadlines.

  • Create Your CSS Account

    Here you will find instructions for signing into CSS for the first time.

  • What is FERPA?

    Learn more about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and how it relates to your privacy rights as a student and the security of your grades, finances, and other data.

For answers to typical questions surrounding billing, such as what methods of payment are accepted for payment and how to release billing information to family members, visit the Tuition and Housing Payments page.

If you have any registration-related questions, contact the Office of the Registrar at

Disability support services are also available. Contact Kay Widmer (by email or by phone at 425-629-5015) for more information about services offered at DigiPen.

See the Department Directory to find out how to contact other branches of Administration at DigiPen.