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Non-Degree Seeking applicants who are interested in taking individual courses may register for them based on the desired semester’s course offerings and availability. Applicants will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Courses taken as Non-Degree Seeking do not lead to a degree and are not applicable to earning a professional certificate from DigiPen.


Applicants interested in non-degree seeking studies must:

  • Provide official transcripts indicating evidence of graduation from high school and, if applicable, official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions. Applicants should have a recommended minimum 2.5 GPA in their most recent studies.

  • Non-native English speakers must provide Proof of English Language Proficiency.

To apply for non-degree seeking studies at DigiPen, fill out an Application for Admission and select Non-Degree Seeking. Please direct any questions to the Office of Admissions. Please note: DigiPen students on academic or other probation are not eligible for non-degree seeking studies until the conclusion of the probationary period.

Once admitted for Non-Degree Seeking studies:

  • Students must pass or show proof of having passed prerequisite courses before they are able to register for more advanced courses.

  • Approval from instructor must be obtained with an override form to attend courses.

  • Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in order to remain enrolled in non-degree seeking studies.

Entering into a course is determined on a course by course basis; not all courses are available for non-degree seeking studies. Enrollment is on a continuous basis unless students do not register for classes for a required semester.

For non-degree seeking applicants who may want to enroll in a degree-seeking program in the future, please review our transfer credit policy.