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This page details all the application materials and admissions requirements for DigiPen’s MS in Computer Science, a degree program focused on prominent topics of modern computing. Read all sections carefully and please contact if you need clarification on any of these requirements.

All applicants to the MS in Computer Science program must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for admission:

  • Completed a bachelor’s degree with a recommended 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA)

  • Coursework or work experience in all of the following:

    • Computer Science: data structures, algorithm design and analysis, computer architecture, principles of operating systems, and software engineering

    • Programming: experience programming in a high-level language

    • Mathematics: calculus, linear algebra, and discrete mathematics

In addition, the ideal candidate will have experience with some of the following:

  • Computer Science: computer networking, artificial intelligence, compiler theory, theory of computation, parallel/multi-threaded programming, computer graphics (e.g., a basic undergraduate course)

  • Programming: programming in C++, programming in a teamwork environment, video game programming

  • Mathematics: numerical analysis, graph theory, number theory, combinatorics, probability theory

Application for Admission

You must submit an online application to be considered for admission. You can start your application, save, and return to it as many times as needed until you’re ready to review and submit it. Your essay, letters of recommendations, and portfolio can be uploaded after submission. We recommend submitting your application and application materials two to four weeks after starting. Please review the application instructions on this page and prepare the necessary materials prior to beginning the online application.

Apply Online

Application Fee

You must include a $60 application fee along with your application. This can be done via the application portal. Application fees can also be paid by credit card, cash, check, or money order (made out to DigiPen Institute of Technology).

DigiPen provides application fee waivers to applicants who visit us for an on-campus admissions outreach event or who attend an online information session or virtual admissions meeting.

DigiPen Computer Science Test

If you have an undergraduate degree in any major other than computer science or computer engineering, you must take DigiPen’s Computer Science Exam. A score of 70% is the minimum acceptable score for the DigiPen Computer Science Exam. Please note that achieving an acceptable score on the DigiPen Computer Science Exam does not guarantee admission. For more information on DigiPen’s Computer Science Exam, please email

Optional General GRE

MS in Computer Science graduate applicants have the option to complete the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test and arrange for those scores to be sent directly to DigiPen Institute of Technology by the testing agency. Applications will be sent to evaluation once all required materials have been submitted, regardless if GRE scores are included.

To have your test results sent directly to DigiPen, include the GRE code 4193 on your exam form.


Applicants must provide evidence of completion of a bachelor’s degree with a recommended 2.5 cumulative GPA for the MS in Computer Science. In-progress transcripts are acceptable if you are currently completing your bachelor’s degree.

All applicants are required to submit official transcripts from all colleges attended before they can be enrolled at DigiPen. During the application process, we will accept unofficial transcripts. These unofficial transcripts can often be downloaded from your college’s website.

For Accepted Applicants

Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended showing completion of a bachelor’s degree should be sent directly to DigiPen by the issuing institutions. You may, however, send the transcripts yourself if they are first sealed in an envelope and stamped across the seal by the issuing institution’s registrar. Transcripts should be mailed to:

DigiPen Institute of Technology
Attn: Office of Admissions
9931 Willows Rd. NE
Redmond, WA 98052

DigiPen can also accept transcripts submitted electronically by the issuing institution using the following services:

  • Parchment
  • eScrip-Safe
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • DigiPen cannot accept opened, faxed, or emailed transcripts as official.

Statement of Purpose Essay

Applicants to the MS in Computer Science program should use the following outline to write their statement of purpose essay:

  1. Introduction
    Introduce yourself and give your general reasons for pursuing graduate study. Because our selection committee reads many applications, make your statement stand out by revealing your particular talents and individuality.

  2. Qualifications
    The aim of this section is to demonstrate that you have the necessary foundation and qualifications to be successful in this program. You should discuss:

    • Why you chose this field and what motivated you to pursue computer science.

    • Your expertise and accomplishments in your major field and any research you have performed. Mention projects and the names of professors who supervised your work.

    • Your undergraduate studies in mathematics, including calculus, discrete math, linear algebra, and numerical computations, and how they relate to what you intend to do in this graduate program.

    • Specific experiences that demonstrate your competence, motivation, and inspiration for continued study in computer architecture, operating systems, and networking; data structures and algorithm analysis; high-level programming languages (C and C++); computer graphics; and game software design and/or production.

    • Other relevant experiences (e.g., jobs, community activities, leadership in school organizations, awards, or honors). Include names of people, organizations, and other important details.

    • If necessary, briefly explain any discrepancies on your transcript, which might include a lower GPA in a particular semester or year.

  3. Personal Background
    Tell us about yourself. Describe your family and your community (or a community in which you once lived). You could include whether your family, a family member in particular, or someone in your community influenced your field of interest. Also, give examples of personal attributes or qualities that you know will help you successfully complete graduate study. For example, describe projects or work that exemplify your determination to achieve your goals, your initiative and ability to develop ideas, and your capacity to work through problems independently.

  4. Conclusion
    Provide a brief summary of why you are qualified to enroll in and will be successful in this graduate program.

Essay Submission Guidelines

Follow these guidelines for submitting your statement of purpose:

  • Each page must be typed and double-spaced.
  • Spelling, grammar, and legibility will be considered.
  • Your statement must not exceed seven pages.

Statements of purpose can be submitted by uploading directly via the online application. You can also submit your statement of purpose by emailing a copy to

Letters of Recommendation

Graduate applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation with their application. Letters of recommendation must be from individuals familiar with your academic background or work ethic (e.g. an instructor, school counselor, or employer). Recommendation letters from family members will not be considered. In their recommendation letter, references should explain how long they have known you and in what capacity.

You should ask your references for recommendations before including their names on your application. Ask them to add to their safe senders list or address book, then tell them to expect a reference request via email. Enter the contact information for your references in the online application, and each reference will receive a link to an electronic recommendation form.

If your references do not receive an electronic recommendation form, they may send their letter of recommendation to

Other Materials

For International Applicants

In addition to the typical requirements for undergraduate applicants, international applicants must also provide additional information to be considered for admission to DigiPen. Visit our International Applicants page for details about the Financial Responsibility Form and about providing Proof of Proficiency in the English Language (for non-native English speakers).

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