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At DigiPen, you will need a computer no matter what your major is. We can provide hardware and software in our computer labs that meet the educational requirements for each course of study, but we highly recommend having access to your own laptop computer. Owning your own laptop gives you more flexibility in completing your work from any location, which may be necessary if you are unable to access campus facilities. DigiPen provides Wi-Fi and guest wired connections on campus for laptop use.

The recommended technical requirements for your laptop can be found below. We have been working with a vendor to provide special pricing for three different models, each of which include a four-year accidental damage warranty. You can view these select laptop models which meet our recommended specifications on the vendor’s website. This vendor and these models are just suggestions. You are free to purchase your own configuration from other vendors.

If you don’t have a computer, the computers on campus are available for you to use. We have taken precautions to ensure your safety whenever you are on campus. DigiPen also has desktop and laptop computers that you may be eligible to borrow for educational usage. To request a computer, contact main_library[at]digipen[dot]edu.

The specific technical requirements for the software used by the different academic programs does vary. Art students tend to have the most demanding needs, while the requirements for others are generally lower. As a student progresses into the higher-level courses, the technical demands usually become more intensive. Below are some general recommendations:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro or Education or later, 64-bit; Apple Mac OS 10.12.x or later

  • Processor: At least an Intel 9th gen i7-9750 or its equivalent

  • RAM: 16 GB RAM is recommended.

  • Video Card: It is recommended that the laptop have at least a 4 GB NVIDIA video card. Generally speaking, on-board video will be sufficient for students not intending to create digital art, but using the on-board video that comes standard on most laptops is not feasible for running higher-end art software or for rendering images. Video cards exceeding these specifications are always preferable, but prices rise quickly with increased performance in this area.

  • Hard Drive: DigiPen provides backed-up personal storage for every student, so very large hard drives are not required. 512 GB is recommended. One way to greatly improve performance at a reasonable cost is to use a solid-state drive (SSD- NVMe recommended).