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Here’s where you can download high-resolution images of the DigiPen logo, the DigiPen Dragon mascot logo, branded templates, and other resources.


DigiPen Logo

The DigiPen Institute of Technology logo is a reflection of our academic institution and commitment to educational excellence. When using the DigiPen logo, we ask that you do not alter the mark, typeface, or any aspect of the logo’s appearance.

DigiPen Dragon Mascot

The DigiPen Dragon mascot was officially adopted by the students of DigiPen Institute of Technology in 2015 to represent the strength and pride of the DigiPen student body. We ask that you do not alter the mark, typeface, or any aspect of the DigiPen Dragon logo’s appearance.

DigiPen Colors

When creating new materials for official DigiPen use, please be sure to use our official primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. These are available for download via the ASE file extension.

Branded Templates

Need to create a document or deliver a presentation on behalf of DigiPen? We invite you to use the following branded templates using the official DigiPen logo and colors.

DigiPen Photography

Looking for photos of the DigiPen community in action? DigiPen staff, faculty, and students are free to browse our SmugMug photo archive and download high-resolution photos for official DigiPen use. DigiPen retains the copyright to all media hosted on the site.

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