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ULifeline is an anonymous, confidential, Internet-based resource created by the Jed Foundation where college students can search for information regarding mental health, suicide prevention, and emotional well-being. In addition, students can take a mental health screening, ask questions, find answers, and seek help for themselves or for someone else.

ULifeline is designed specifically for college students. It’s free, confidential and anonymous, and easily accessible 24/7.

What’s on DigiPen’s ULifeline site?

Self Evaluator

The Self Evaluator is a screening tool designed to assist students find out whether they, or a friend, are at risk for depression, suicide, and several other disorders, including alcohol and drug dependence, eating disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.


This mental health reference library provides quality, user-friendly information that has been reviewed and approved by leading medical experts.


In the Wellness section, students can learn more about cultivating a healthy lifestyle – with tips on improving sleep, exercise and diet; managing stress, and so much more.

Help a Friend

The Help a Friend section describes the warning signs for depression and suicide, includes information regarding how to help a friend, and lists resources for additional assistance.

Get Help Now

When you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, the Get Help Now section lists suicide prevention and intervention telephone and chat resources that provides assistance to individuals in suicidal crisis by connecting them to the nearest available suicide prevention and mental health service provider.