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On this page you’ll find a list of recent DigiPen graduates who will be participating in our annual Career Fair. We highly recommend that you view the students’ portfolio websites by clicking on their names below.*

*Any links to external websites provided on this page are provided as a courtesy. DigiPen does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at these locations and their inclusion should not be construed as an endorsement by DigiPen Institute of Technology of the content or views of the linked materials.


Sreyash Raychaudhuri He/Him/HisMSCSSoftware Engineer
Krishna Pillai He/Him/HisMSCSGraphics Programmer
Dylan Bier He/Him/HisMSCSEngine Programmer
Rohit Punjabi He/Him/HisMSCSGameplay Programmer
Aseem Apastamb He/Him/HisMSCSGameplay Programmer
Nahye Park He/Him/HisMSCSPhysics Programmer
Spencer Williams He/Him/HisBSCS RTISProgrammer
Jihwan Oh He/Him/HisBSCS RTISSoftware Engineer
Austyn Park He/Him/HisBSCS RTISSoftware Engineer
Sinil Kang He/Him/HisBSCS RTISGraphics Programmer
Sangmin Kim He/Him/HisBSCS RTISRendering Engineer
Joshua Pulanco He/Him/HisBSCS RTISGameplay Programmer
Jay Sharma He/Him/HisBSCS RTISGameplay Programmer
Yi-Chun Chen He/Him/HisBSCS RTISGameplay Programmer
Yune Choi He/Him/HisBSCS RTISGraphics Programmer
Hoseob Jeong He/Him/HisBSCS RTISSoftware Engineer
James Milton He/Him/HisBSCS RTISSystems Programmer
Suhwan Kim He/Him/HisBSCS RTISGraphics Programmer
Kailen Swensen He/Him/HisBSCS DAAudio Programmer
Ben Thompson He/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer
Damian Rouse He/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer
Chris Dowell He/Him/HisBSCS GDSoftware Engineer
Taro Kumagai He/Him/HisBSCS GDAI Programmer
Taher Kagzi He/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer, Producer
Scott Fado-Bristow He/Him/HisBSCS GDSoftware Engineer
Kai Kawashima He/Him/HisBSCS GDSoftware Engineer
Cole Schwinghammer He/Him/HisBSCS GDAI Programmer
Deante James He/Him/HisBSCS GDEngine Programmer
McKinley Roshak He/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer
Seth Merrill He/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer
Jirakit Jarusiripipat He/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer
Frankie Camarillo He/Him/HisBSCS GDAnimation Programmer
Ginger Chanfrau She/Her/HersBSCS MLCharacter Concept Artist
Mark Kouris He/Him/HisBSCS RTISSystems Programmer
Javier Sandoval He/Him/HisBSCS RTISSoftware Engineer
Yoonki Kim He/Him/HisBSCS RTISSoftware Engineer
Elliott Hong He/Him/HisBSCS RTISSoftware Engineer
Jina HyunShe/Her/HersBSCS RTISGraphics Programmer
Andrew Rudasics He/Him/HisMSCSSoftware Engineer
Brian Chen He/Him/HisMSCSEngine Programmer


Sean Hsu She/Her/HersBFAConcept Artist
Daniela Arias Sevilla She/Her/HersMFAConcept Artist
Ian Gottron He/Him/HisMFA3D Artist
Douglas Wu He/Him/HisBFA3D Artist
Vince Leopardi He/Him/HisBFAConcept Artist
Xiaowan Ma She/Her/HersBFAConcept Artist
Yilei Cao He/Him/HisBFA3D Environment Artist
Luoming Hu He/Him/HisBFA3D Environment Artist
Wendy Morrison She/Her/HersBFAStory Artist
Michael Pacheco He/Him/HisBFAEnvironment Artist
Megan Erchukiat She/Her/HersBFA3D Character Artist
Dottie Johnson She/Her/HersBFACharacter Designer
Kacey Lei Quillopo She/Her/HersBFA3D Environment Artist
Ivan Osorio He/Him/HisBFAConcept Artist
Naomi Ebata She/Her/HersBFA3D Character Artist
Kaleb Leino He/Him/HisBFAStory Artist
Juthapat Limpattanakul He/Him/HisBFA3D Environment Artist
Tabatha Tipton She/Her/HersBFAConcept Artist
Harriet Clarke She/Her/HersBFAEnvironment Artist
James Anderson He/Him/HisBFAVisual Development Artist
Julia Brown She/Her/HersBFAConcept Artist
Leo Li He/Him/HisBFAConcept Artist
Madison McElfish She/Her/HersBFATechnical Artist
Ariel Moss She/Her/HersBFA3D Character Artist
Kasie Butler She/Her/HersBFATechnical Artist
Rowan Thompson He/Him/HisBFA3D Animator
Hikaru Wong He/Him/HisBFAVisual Development Artist
Junyoung Bae He/Him/HisBFACharacter Artist
Veronika Pavlova She/Her/HersBFA3D Animator and Producer
Nitis Borirakpanich He/Him/HisBFAConcept Artist
Andrew Yan He/Him/HisBFATechnical Artist
Tristan Hawk Adam He/Him/HisBFA3D Character Artist
Ev Le Other: He/TheyBFAConcept Artist
Elizabeth Rei Pulanco They/Them/TheirBFAConcept Artist
Benjamin Amos He/Him/HisBFA3D Character Artist
Sarai Osborne She/Her/HersBFA3D Artist
Hailer Conway They/Them/TheirBFACreature Artist
Magan Kim She/Her/HersBFAIllustrator
Madeline Vokovitch She/Her/HersBFATechnical Artist
Rebecca Joines She/Her/HersBFA3D Artist
Ethan Yant He/Him/HisBFA3D Environment Artist
Riley Olson He/Him/HisBFAConcept Artist
Miranda Penrod She/Her/HersMFAEnvironment Artist
Jaida Ho She/Her/HersMFACharacter Artist
Bingjun Lin He/Him/HisMFA3D Environment Artist
Michelle Buxeda-Roque She/Her/HersMFAVFX Artist
Melissa Murakami She/Her/HersMFAStory Artist

Technical Design

Ben Mowry He/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Designer
Hibnu Hishath He/Him/HisBSCS GDTechnical Designer
Erin Scribner She/Her/HersBSCS GDLevel Designer
Christian Wookey He/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer

Game Design

Cai McDermott He/Him/HisBAGDUI/UX/UR Designer
Zach Meldrum He/Him/HisBAGDCombat Designer
Ellen “El” Schaefer She/Her/HersBAGDGame Designer
Yeen Samarnkatiwat He/Him/HisBAGDUX Designer
Cory Pfeifer He/Him/HisBAGDLevel Designer
Prasad C A He/Him/HisBAGDLevel Designer
Ethan Lennaman He/Him/HisBAGDLevel Designer
Raven Montoya He/Him/HisBAGDGame Designer
Meathus Sornthanayodsakorn He/Him/HisBAGDGame Designer
Jaden Corrado He/Him/HisBAGDLevel Designer
Cody Hardy He/Him/HisBAGDGame Designer
Daniel Hiley He/Him/HisBAGDGame Designer
Hunter Say He/Him/HisBAGDGame Designer
Chris Cassidy He/Him/HisBAGDLevel Designer
Max Lussier He/Him/HisBAGDGame Designer
Luke Campbell He/Him/HisBAGDGame Designer

Sound Design

Karlye Shank She/Her/HersBAMSDSound Designer
Daniel J Havens He/Him/HisBAMSDSound Designer
Noah Laudolff He/Him/HisBAMSDSound Designer
Ina Almacen She/Her/HersBAMSDSound Designer
Colin Kolb He/Him/HisBAMSDSound Designer