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On this page you’ll find a list of recent DigiPen graduates who have previously participated in our annual Career Fair. We highly recommend that you view the students’ portfolio websites by clicking on their names below.*

*Any links to external websites provided on this page are provided as a courtesy. DigiPen does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at these locations and their inclusion should not be construed as an endorsement by DigiPen Institute of Technology of the content or views of the linked materials.

Watch trailers featuring senior game projects carefully crafted by student teams throughout the past academic year in our Student Game Showcase.


NamePronounsDegreeTitle(s) and Areas of Interest
Alex AnnanHe/Him/HisBFA3D Animator, Rigging
Alex SorosyHe/Him/HisBFAConcept Art, Environment Art
Angeling Cruz-YenShe/Her/HersBFAEnvironment Artist, Prop Artist
Annie HansonShe/Her/HersBFAVFX Artist, Rigger
Ashley RaneyShe/Her/HersBFA3D Environment Artist
Brooke GniotShe/Her/HersBFA3D Character Sculpture, 2D Character Art
Casca SoceaHe/Him/HisBFA3D Environment Artist
Cassie SpencerShe/Her/HersBFACharacter Artist, Concept Artist
Chelsea LiangThey/Them/TheirBFA3D Environment Artist, Visual Development Artist
Christine MedinaShe/Her/HersBFA3D Artist
Corwin RobinsonHe/Him/HisBFAEnvironment Artist, Modeling and Texturing
Daniel PrehmHe/Him/HisBFARigging and Tech Art
Finnegan RasmussenHe/Him/HisBFA3D Character Artist
Hwa Min JungHe/Him/HisBFA3D Character Artist, Character Concept Artist
Jay MortonHe/Him/HisBFAProps/Lighting Artist
Jessica DayleyShe/Her/HersBFACharacter Animator
Jewelia BryantShe/Her/HersBFA3D Character Artist
Joshua BechtolHe/Him/HisBFAAnimator
Julyanne SpraggShe/Her/HersBFACreature and Character Artist/3D modeler
Justin LimHe/Him/HisBFAEnvironment Artist, Environment/Prop Concept Artist
Kai LiaoHe/Him/HisBFAConcept Artist, Animator
Kain CastaneraShe/Her/HersBFAConcept Artist, Visual Development
Kat HoppeShe/Her/HersBFACharacter and Creature Artist
Kathleen PeetShe/Her/HersBFAEnvironment and Props Artist
Kelsey O’NeillShe/Her/HersBFA3D Character Artist
Meline SaftalyanShe/Her/HersMFA3D Artist, Concept Artist
Mingyuan LiShe/Her/HersMFA3D Artist
Nick KaelinHe/Him/HisBFAConcept Artist, Environment Artist
Pique JacquesShe/Her/HersBFAConcept Artist, Visual Development
Sophia Z WangShe/Her/HersBFAConcept Artist
Tammy NguyenShe/Her/HersBFA3D Environment Artist, 3D Prop Artist
Thaenthai ThaiboonruangHe/Him/HisBFA3D Animator
Trevin DahlHe/Him/HisBFAEnvironment Art/Environment Tech Art
Tyla BryantShe/Her/HersBFAAnimator
Tyler NiemiHe/Him/HisBFAEnvironment Artist, Visual Development Artist
Vern VicichThey/Them/TheirMFAConcept Artist
Veronica WaalkShe/Her/HersBFA3D Environment Artist
Ziqiong ZhangShe/Her/HersBFACharacter Designer and Sculptor
Zoe DavisShe/Her/HersBFA3D Character Artist

Game Design

NamePronounsDegreeTitle(s) and Areas of Interest
Asher RobertsonHe/Him/HisBAGDGameplay / Combat Designer
Brianna Cherise CummingsShe/Her/HersBAGDUI/UX Designer
CayCay 77They/Them/TheirBAGDNarrative Designer, Game Designer
Grant CampbellHe/Him/HisBAGDGameplay Designer, System Designer
Grant ManorHe/Him/HisBAGDLevel Designer
Jack MakarovHe/Him/HisBAGDLevel/Content Designer, Producer
Jirawat JumponkunawutHe/Him/HisBAGDGame Feel, UX Designer
Johnny WhiteHe/Him/HisBAGDUX / UI Design, Game Design
Joshua CampbellHe/Him/HisBAGDNarrative Designer, Level Designer
Kaelan SimpsonHe/Him/HisBAGDTechnical Designer, Game Designer, Systems Designer
Kevin EthridgeHe/Him/HisBAGDLevel Design and UX Design
Maegan MortensenShe/Her/HersBAGDNarrative Designer, User Experience Designer
Malcolm TrentHe/Him/HisBAGDWriter, Narrative Designer
Marcos FalcoHe/Him/HisBAGDCombat / Gameplay Designer
Mark EsparagozaHe/Him/HisBAGDSystems Designer, Producer
Masashi AbeHe/Him/HisBAGDLevel Designer
Matthew LongcoreHe/Him/HisBAGDLevel/Content Design, Systems Design
Max StuckerHe/Him/HisBAGDLevel Designer, System Designer
Pasavit PanottriratHe/Him/HisBAGDSystem Designer, Narrative Designer
Ryan MasseyHe/Him/HisBAGDLevel/Gameplay Designer
Sala ShongShe/Her/HersBAGDUX Designer
Stormr MorganThey/Them/TheirBAGDProducer, Systems Designer
Theodore BanikThey/Them/TheirBAGDLevel Design
Theodore McKayHe/Him/HisBAGDUI/UX Designer, Level Designer
Tyler MallHe/Him/HisBAGDUI Designer, UX Designer


NamePronounsDegreeTitle(s) and Areas of Interest
Adam RhoadesHe/Him/HisMSCSGameplay Engineer, Real-Time Rendering Engineer
Alejandro RamirezHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGameplay Programmer, UI Programmer
Arthur BouvierHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGraphics Programmer, Tech Artist
Arthur ChangHe/Him/HisMSCSGraphics Programmer, Audio Programmer
Arthur EstudilloHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISEngine Programmer, Generalist Programmer
Brand KnutsonHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGameplay Programmer
Cameron MonksHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGameplay Programmer
Chase GravesHe/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer
Christian LiconaHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISTools Programmer, Gameplay Programmer
Connor MeyersHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGameplay Programmer, Tools Programmer
David DaskyHe/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer, Game Designer
Devin CavnessShe/Her/HersBSCS GDGameplay Programmer, Generalist Designer
Dieter VoegelsHe/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer and AI Programmer
Dillon HahnHe/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer, Systems Designer
Dylan WashburneHe/Him/HisMSCSGameplay Programmer, Graphics Programmer
Ethan VillasinHe/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay and AI Programmer
Hadi AlhussieniHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGameplay Programmer, Engine Programmer
Hyungseob KimHe/Him/HisBSCS GDGame AI Programmer
James DoolittleHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGameplay Programmer
Jangseok HanHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISEngine Programmer, Gameplay Programmer
Jeremy C LucasHe/Him/HisMSCSPhysics Programmer, Gameplay/AI Programmer
Jiwon JungHe/Him/HisBSCS GDAI Programmer, Gameplay Programmer, Level Designer
John Paul AbidesHe/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer, Network Programmer
Keagen RedmondHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGraphics Programmer, Gameplay Programmer
Kishore Kandasamy BalakrishnanHe/Him/HisMSCSGameplay Programmer, Tools Programmer
Lorenzo DeMaineHe/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer, AI Programmer
Mark CulpHe/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer, Game Designer
Oussama KhalafHe/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer, General Programmer
Natnaree AngklomkliewShe/Her/HersBSCS RTISGraphic Programmer, Gameplay Programmer
Ping-Han HoHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGameplay Programmer, UI Programmer
Reese MireauHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGraphics Programmer, Audio Programmer
Riley GarvanShe/Her/HersBSCS GDGameplay Programmer
Roland ShumHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGeneralist Programmer, Platform Developer
Ryan DavisHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGraphics Programmer, Gameplay Programmer
Ryan HeathHe/Him/HisBSCS GDSoftware Engineer, Technical Designer
Sheng-Fang ChenHe/Him/HisMSCSSoftware Programmer/Gameplay Programmer
Shifeng LiangHe/Him/HisMSCSGraphics Programmer, Gameplay Programmer
Skyler PowersShe/Her/HersBSCS GDGameplay Programmer, Level Designer
Thomas SpalterHe/Him/HisMSCSGameplay Programmer, Level Designer
Timothy HewHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGeneral Programmer
Tyler DavisHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGameplay Programmer, AI Programmer
Will MielkeHe/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Programmer
William KeplingerHe/Him/HisBSCS GDGameplay Engineer
William PritzHe/Him/HisBSCS GDUI Programmer, Gameplay Programmer
Yi QianHe/Him/HisBSCS RTISGraphics Programmer, UI Programmer
Zacary BrownHe/Him/HisBSCS GDAI Programmer, Gameplay Programmer
Zackery KrolikowskiHe/Him/HisBSCS DA(Audio) Programmer