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Please fill out the following form if you have a discrimination or harassment incident to report.

When should I fill out a Discrimination & Harassment Incident Report?

The Discrimination & Harassment Incident Report Form should be used to report incidents on or off campus involving DigiPen students, staff, and/or faculty.

Discrimination or Harassment based on the following characteristics:

  • Race
  • National Origin
  • Religion
  • Physical or Mental Differences
  • Veteran Status
  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Age
  • Staff Concern
  • IT Concern
  • Emotional Concern
  • Health Concern

Sexual Misconduct including:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Non-consensual Sexual Intercourse
  • Sexual Assault

More information can be found on Title IX and DigiPen Sexual Misconduct Policy in the DigiPen Student Handbook, pg. 35.

For general issues related to campus safety, security, student or employee behavior, and health, use the Incident Report Form.

If your situation is urgent (not emergent) and you need support sooner than one to two business days, we encourage you to call our 24/7 Student Help Line at (425) 785-1608. You will be connected with a trained DigiPen staff member to provide immediate support related to the issue you are experiencing.

If you are in an emergency situation, please call 911 immediately.

In some situations, after verbally reporting a campus-related incident to DigiPen staff, you may be asked to fill out and submit an Incident Report Form. An Incident Report Form can be submitted by any member of the DigiPen community. In certain cases, DigiPen may also communicate incidents submitted through the Incident Report Form to the police.