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Computers and digital devices have revolutionized the way we live our lives, but how many people can explain how these technological marvels actually work? By completing DigiPen’s computer engineering degree program, you will become a true maker, not just a user, of embedded systems — electronic devices that have a built-in microcontroller or microprocessor.

DigiPen engineering students sit next to an self-navigating robot.

How High Schoolers Can Prep For College Success: Computer Science and Engineering Edition

Are you interested in a computer engineering career? Take a look at these handy tips for how you can start preparing yourself today.

The first year of study for engineering students is identical to that of students in the computer science programs. However, from sophomore year on, this program delves much deeper into electrical engineering and low-level software development (such as for drivers and operating systems). At the end of your studies, you’ll be ready to tackle a wide range of challenges in the field of computer engineering.

  • BS in Computer Engineering

    If you’re interested in mastering both sides of the hardware-software interface, this degree is for you. In addition to gaining extensive hands-on experience designing and implementing embedded systems, you’ll have a deep understanding of the math, physics, and computer science principles that make such technology possible.

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