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Number of Credits and GPA

The MFA in Digital Arts requires completion of at least 60 semester credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. The program typically spans 4 semesters of 15 weeks each, generally accomplished in two calendar years for students following the full-time recommended course sequence, and four calendar years for students following the part-time recommended course sequence.

Required Courses

Subject AreaCreditsRequired Courses
Digital Arts9CG 501, CG 521, and CG 525.
Electives24In addition to the required courses, students must take eight electives:
  • Five courses with the ART, CG, ANI, PRJ or INT prefix numbered 500 or higher. (15 credits)
  • Two courses from ART 501, ART 503, ART 511, ART 512, ART 528, ART 550, ART 555, ART 560. ART Special Topics or ANI Special Topics courses which focus on the development of traditional studio art and/ or observational skill sets may be approved by the Program Director. (6 credits)
  • At least three credits from any graduate-level offering (500 or higher) in any department at DigiPen. (3 credits)
Fine Arts and Thesis21ART 701, ART 702, ART 703, ART 704, and either ART 520 or ART 522.
Projects6PRJ 601 and PRJ 602.

Length Restrictions

Full-time students in the MFA in Digital Arts should complete the requirements in three (3) calendar years. Students in the part-time MFA in Digital Arts should complete the program in six (6) calendar years. All students must remain in continuous matriculation throughout the duration of their program.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the program, students must demonstrate:

  • Successful completion of 60 semester credits with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.
  • Successful presentation and official acceptance of the Final Thesis at Thesis Presentation.
  • This can only happen after 60 credits of coursework are completed (or in progress) and the student has taken and passed ART 704 (or is in progress).
  • Submission of an archived copy for the DigiPen Library of the thesis and documentation.

Project, Capstone, Thesis Requirements or Options

Thesis Proposal Review

Candidates in the MFA in Digital Arts who are completing ART 704 must schedule and present their thesis proposal to an assembled thesis committee. No student may register for ART 703 without approval of their thesis committee.

Thesis Requirement

The goal of the DigiPen MFA in Digital Arts is to develop industry-quality graduates who have an innovative, creative and sincere point of view. The MFA in Digital Arts thesis is a body of work that demonstrates this professional level of expertise with industry tools as well as showcases a unique voice in digital media. The thesis, created specifically based on the candidate’s project proposal, is expected to meet professional standards. At the same time, the work will represent the candidate’s individual perspective, style, and philosophy. The thesis project should show a thoughtful and deep understanding of the student’s theme that is compelling and persuasive, technically complete, and professionally executed.

The MFA in Digital Arts Thesis is created specifically in response to the approved thesis proposal submitted by a candidate. It includes not only the project work but also marketing and branding materials, schedules and timelines, project scope, and design documentation as appropriate. Candidates are required to present to a thesis review panel and to the public. The final work and all documents will be archived in the DigiPen Library and gallery. The MFA in Digital Arts Thesis is not a retrospective of all work produced since the student entered the graduate program.

Written Component: The thesis will have a written component, to the satisfaction of the thesis committee. Its contents may include topics such as research, theory, process, and project evaluation.

Thesis Defense

The MFA in Digital Arts candidate thesis defense will be scheduled with the thesis committee once a student has successfully completed (or has in progress) the required coursework (minimum 60 approved credits).

Students will be expected to deliver a verbal description of the thesis work, production and development plans, concepts and supporting documentation. A visual presentation of the scope and plan of the thesis will be part of the defense, as well as a presentation of the production pipeline including technical description. The thesis will be presented to the committee and public. A question and answer session will follow the presentation, during which the candidate will be required to defend the work.

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