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Number of Credits and GPA

The MS in Computer Science degree program requires completion of at least 37 semester credits with a grade “C” (or 2.0 quality points) or above in each course and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. The full-time program typically spans four semesters of 15 weeks each and an additional semester to complete a thesis or comprehensive examination, for a total of two calendar years. The part-time program typically spans twelve semesters (including summer semesters) for a total of four calendar years. Students may choose to complete the program in less time by following an alternative three-year course sequence. For candidates with a lack of experience in computer graphics or mathematics, some articulation classes may be required.

DepartmentCreditsRequired Courses
Computer Science22
  • CS 525, CS 529, CS 541, and CS 598.
  • Two courses from one of the following concentration areas:
    • Artificial Intelligence: CS 581 and CS 580 or CS 582
    • Graphics: CS 560 and CS 561, or CS 562, or CS 500
    • Phyically-Based Simulation: PHY 500 and CS 550
    • Image Processing: CS 570 and CS 571 or CS 572
  • Two additional CS courses numbered 500 and up.
Electives3Any CS course numbered 500 and up, PHY 500, or any MAT course numbered 500 and up.
Mathematics3At least one MAT course numbered 500 or above is required.
Projects9GAM 541 and two courses from the following: GAM 550, GAM 551, GAM 590, and GAM 591.

Note: Thesis or Extra Course

CS 601 and CS 602 are required for the research and project theses tracks and will count toward fulfillment of the Computer Science Requirement. Students who choose the comprehensive examination track cannot receive credit for CS 602.

Waived Required Courses

Required courses can be waived on a case-by-case basis for qualified students. The academic advisor will decide on whether or not to approve these requests. In any case, students are required to satisfactorily complete a minimum of 37 semester credits to earn a MS in Computer Science degree.