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2015 was a landmark year for DigiPen Institute of Technology. This summer we celebrated the 15th anniversary of our first graduating cohort from the BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation degree program — a program that started with just five graduates and has since grown into a network of more than 900 alumni.

While it would be impossible to recap each and every accomplishment, we’ve done our best to compile some of our most popular stories of the year into a quick retrospective.

Thanks to the entire DigiPen community for making 2015 such a great year to remember. Go Dragons!

Awards and Accolades

Students and faculty had a lot to celebrate as they were recognized for their amazing work in games and more. Big honors went to the student game team behind the incredible-looking arena shooter RumbleTV, winner of the E3 College Game Competition, as well as the Singapore students who took home the Best Student Game prize at IGF China for the 2D action-adventure Dungeon Delvers.

DigiPen’s Professor Charles Duba recently shared his memories of working on the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, a groundbreaking research project that was recognized by this year’s awarding of the Nobel Prize in Physics and the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics.

In March, the Princeton Review once again ranked DigiPen as one of the top schools for game design in the country, and in August, Business Insider named DigiPen as the “No. 1 Most Popular School to Major in Computer Science.”

Games for Good

DigiPen’s students and faculty continued to show their commitment to doing good in the King County community and beyond this year. In March, one of the largest DigiPen student teams ever assembled wrapped up their work with Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington to bring 16-year-old Mason’s dream game to life. A few months later, four DigiPen faculty members teamed up for The Gauntlet: Moxtropolis — a fundraiser event that culminated in an all-day board game competition after bringing in more than $91,000 for a local aid group.

Big Changes at DigiPen

Of course, a recap of the 2015 year wouldn’t be complete without mentioning big developments like the founding of DigiPen Game Studios in Singapore and the announcement of DigiPen’s long-awaited dragon mascot!

Featured Games

Miss some of 2015’s student games? Don’t worry—we’ve rounded up some of players’ favorites!