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Last Friday, Business Insider released its latest rankings for American colleges — this time taking a look at the 15 most popular US colleges to major in computer science.

For this list, Business Insider examined each college’s percentage of students studying computer science. Ranking at #1, DigiPen Institute of Technology led the way with over 60% of students pursuing a degree in a computer science program.

“Computer science is one of the most valuable college majors,” the Business Insider article reads. “Because computer science is such a hot area of study right now, we pulled the top computer science and computer engineering schools from our list by ranking the schools by percentage of students who major in computer science, according to College Board.”

In addition to programs in digital art and animation, music and sound design, and game design, DigiPen offers a variety of degree programs that focus heavily on computer science topics, including:

This latest ranking comes less than a month after DigiPen landed on Business Insider’s list of the 50 best computer science and engineering schools in America.