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Celestial hunter Orion has fallen from his place in the stars. Bow in hand, players guide him through a desolate, ruin-strewn Earth, collecting the scattered stars of his constellation and gaining new combat and movement abilities along the way. The game’s 3D, open-world design encourages exploration, but watch out for the beings of darkness lurking across the land.

ÆON is based on real Greek mythology. According to myth, during Orion’s time hunting with the goddess Artemis, he boasted that he could kill every living thing on Earth, leading Gaia (Mother Earth) to send an enormous scorpion (the constellation Scorpio) to kill him, after which he was placed in the stars. The villain in ÆON, Erebus, is one of the first five beings in existence according to Greek myth, and is considered the personification of darkness, born of chaos.

Game Screenshots

  • Orion running through a valley, stone ruins in the distance
  • The constellation Orion in the game's "select a star" menu
  • Orion fighting Erebus, God of Darkness, under curved stone arches.

The Team

  • Thomas Ball

    BA in Game Design

    Role: Lead Designer

  • Joseph Biwald

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Art Director

  • Riley Dannenbring

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Concept Artist

  • Alyssa Donaldson

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Modeler

  • Andrew Franklin

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Rigger

  • Johnathan Henke

    BA in Music and Sound Design

    Role: Audio Director

  • Matthew Hinrichs

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Character Modeler

  • Deana McCarthy

    BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation

    Role: Lead Developer

  • Alejandro Potter

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Lead Animator

  • Harrison Rea

    BA in Game Design

    Role: Technical Designer

  • Alexandra Schecterson

    BA in Game Design

    Role: Producer

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