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The world of ÆON, a 3D action-adventure game by the students of team Aurora, is a sight to behold — filled with desolate ruins and towering landmarks that beckon players to explore the distant corners of the vast, open terrain.

In the game, the hunter Orion has been pulled from his place in the heavens by the primordial being Erebus. By collecting the stars of his constellation, which have been scattered about the earth, players gain new powers and abilities that will allow the hero to confront his shadowy nemesis and return home.

We sat down with Aviva Schecterson, a senior from the BA in Game Design program at DigiPen Institute of Technology and the producer for team Aurora, to learn more about how the project came together — from the exploration-based progression system to the creation of the game’s translucent character model for the protagonist Orion. Check out the video below and download ÆON from the DigiPen Showcase.

FUN FACT: The word “aeon” is a Latin transliteration of the Greek word ὁ αἰών (ho aion), meaning life, being, or a period of time. In scientific terms, an aeon represents a billion years.