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All students enter DigiPen at a first-year (freshman) standing and if transfer credits are awarded, they serve to lighten a student’s course load on a semester-by-semester basis. Most students decide to complete their courses in the order that they are listed in the Recommended Course Sequences, included in the DigiPen Course Catalog. When students receive transfer credit for a particular class, they can choose to take a lighter course load during the semester that they would have taken that class or they can choose to take another class for which they are qualified, if available.

How do I request transfer credits?

To request a transfer credit evaluation, students must submit the following for each course that they would like evaluated.

  • Name of school at which the course was taken as well as the type of calendar system used; semester or quarter.

  • The course description with a link to its website, if possible. This should include course code, title, and credits.

  • The grade earned in that course.

  • The semester and year the course was taken.

  • The DigiPen course the students feels the course would best transfer in for.

What if I’ve been accepted but I haven’t yet enrolled?

Students who have been accepted but have not yet enrolled will need to send an email with the information listed above to