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For the past several months, our campus has been quiet, but we’ve been busy. We’ve taught online, worked to make sure our campus is clean and safe, taken care of our students and delivered groceries to them via Dragon Drop, and planned for what comes next. We have promised to ensure both the integrity of our academic instruction as well as the health and safety of the DigiPen community, prospective students and their families, and the public at large. In keeping with that promise, below is the most recent information to help you and your family.

  • New Course Experiences and Spring Start Date Last updated: SEPTEMBER 8, 2020

    To ensure a comprehensive education, this year, DigiPen is offering alternatives to the usual in-person, fall semester experience. All new, incoming students for fall 2020 will have the option to take all of their courses online or select specific classes that offer a phased approach of on-campus and online instruction. For those who aren’t ready to start this fall, we are now offering a spring 2021 start date. Spring 2021 courses will be offered as online or phased courses as well.

  • Our Plans for Fall 2020 Last updated: AUGUST 18, 2020

    Our approach to a phased re-opening of campus prioritizes the health of the DigiPen community without sacrificing the academic standards we’ve set for our programs. Returning students will have the option to take their courses online or select specific courses that offer a combination of on-campus and online instruction. These are our “phased courses.” Depending on the phase we’re in, a higher percentage of the phased course instruction will be on-campus. Learn more about how we’re balancing the in-person and online educational experiences during each phase.

  • Campus Status, Access, and Safety for Fall 2020 Last updated: SEPTEMBER 1, 2020

    Every person who comes to campus to learn, work, or visit deserves the safest experience possible. We’ve made it our mission to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection while you’re here. Find out more about what to expect (and what we expect of you) the next time you’re on campus.

  • Financial Assistance Last updated: June 30, 2020

    In addition to health and safety concerns, COVID-19 has introduced unprecedented challenges for many students and their families financing their education. Learn more about any additional sources of funding or funding options being made available to both new and continuing DigiPen students (for those who qualify).

  • Upcoming Events Last updated: SEPTEMBER 22, 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted many of our on- and off-campus events to an online format. There are new ways to visit DigiPen, interact with students, faculty, and staff, and learn more about our degree programs. Visit our upcoming schedule and see if any of the events you were planning to attend have been affected.

  • Internal COVID-19 Information Space

    For the latest updates for current students and their families, please visit DigiPen’s internal COVID-19 information space to monitor current internal communication channels for other information pertinent to the campus community.

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