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Design and build a robot that imitates the movement patterns of a biological creature.

Primary Components

  • PIC microcontroller
  • Programmable logic devices (PLDs)
  • Servo motors

S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. stands for “Servo-Controlled Octopedal Robotic Predator Imitating Organic Nature.” This robot mimics its namesake creature’s unique style of locomotion through a series of PLDs that receive input from the robot’s microcontroller. A special circuit reads the position of each of the robot’s eight legs, then processes that data into a set of instructions that moves each leg into one of six servo positions. As a result, all eight legs are synchronized to move in a manner uncannily similar to an actual scorpion.

The Team

  • Wylder Keane

    BS in Computer Engineering

  • Brian Tugade

    BS in Computer Engineering

  • Kevin Secretan

    BS in Computer Engineering

  • Isaac Diaz

    BS in Computer Engineering

  • Raymond Diaz

    BS in Computer Engineering