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Create a robot that can learn paths and lead humans on tours of those paths.

Primary Components

  • XBee controller
  • Motor with encoder
  • Infrared sensor
  • Oscillator
  • 7.2 volt battery

The robot tour guide is a teachable device that can learn how to navigate a series of paths by encoding the input data from an XBee remote controller. In path-learning mode, during which the robot navigates via remote control, the robot records the user’s navigation commands and stores that information as a path (relative to a set starting position). In the autonomous tour-guiding mode, the user selects a stored path from a software interface and then follows the robot as it travels to the specified destination. The robot is also equipped with an infrared sensor to detect and avoid obstacles.

The Team

  • Tyler McGrew

    BS in Computer Engineering

  • Parker Olive

    BS in Computer Engineering

  • Emily Gangsel

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

  • Louis Coyle

    BS in Computer Engineering