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Build an autonomous rover that orients itself against a grid of reflective tape on the ground, then performs path-finding tasks to reach other locations within the grid.

Primary Components

  • PIC Microcontroller
  • Optical/infrared sensors
  • Servo motors
  • XBee wireless modules
  • Reflective tape

Mapper builds on the concepts covered in CS 100 by adding a grid-based navigation system. Bottom-facing sensors detect the location of the reflective tape below the vehicle, which is sent to a microcontroller and translated into instructions that maintain the rover’s alignment to the grid. Meanwhile, side-mounted infrared sensors warn the rover of nearby obstacles that it must navigate around. Mapper can also be operated remotely by sending instructions from a PC to the rover’s XBee wireless modules.

The Team

  • Cassandra Chow

    BS in Computer Engineering

  • Matt Kaes

    BS in Computer Engineering

  • Kellen McKinney

    BS in Computer Engineering

  • Adeheld Stark

    BS in Computer Engineering