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Students and faculty celebrated another year’s worth of impressive student game projects last Friday with the presentation of the annual DigiPen Game Awards. The awards were presented by category to the best student games of 2015 created at DigiPen’s Redmond, Washington, campus.

Top honors went to the fantasy-themed junior game project Chronomancers, winner of the Claude Comair Grand Prize for Game of the Year. In that game, four players team up as band of misfit wizards to defeat a series of raid-style bosses.

Runners up for Game of the Year included the senior project Relic, an ambitious 3D action-adventure game developed by a team of 25 students, and Shadow Tag, an innovative 3D shooter created as a solo project by game design student Griffin Dean.

This year’s awards also introduced some new categories, including the Wingman Award, given to the game with the most second-place category finishes without a first-place prize, as well as the Community Service Award. The latter award went to the students of Project Asclepius for their game project Lord of the Bats.

Congratulations to all the students on their amazing projects! Look for these and many more games to appear soon in the DigiPen Game Gallery.

Award Winners

Claude Comair Grand Prize for Game of the Year — Chronomancers

2nd Place — Relic

3rd Place — Shadow Tag

Most Innovative Design — Shadow Tag

Most Addictive — Shadow Tag

Most Poetic Experience — girl, i see right thru u

Best Music — Dischord

Best Spoken Dialog — Relic

Best Sound Design — Dischord

Best Multiplayer Experience — Shadow Tag

Best Artificial Intelligence — Chronomancers

Best Characters — Relic

Best Physics — Chronomancers

Best Graphics Technology — Dischord

Best 2D Visual Design — Book of Dreams

Best 3D Visual Design — Chronomancers

Best Technology — Chronomancers

Best Freshman Game — Super Orc Puncher!

Best Sophomore Game — girl, i see right thru u

Best Junior Game — Chronomancers

Best Senior Game — Shadow Tag

Best Masters Game — Cardboard Kingdom

Special Awards

Wingman Award — ÆON

MJ Quigley Award for Exceptional Contributions to Game Projects — Justin Jacox, Michael Pitaniello, and Grey Davenport

Community Service Award — Lord of the Bats

Wizards shooting at a mechanical owl in a dark dungeon
Chronomancers screenshot