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Set in a child’s imaginary world, play as either a cardboard knight, a pillow ninja, or a dart slinger and venture through the fantastical world of the Cardboard Kingdom. Reclaim the three pieces of magic chalk stolen by Frank the Frog over three different boss battles in this co-op, class based brawler.

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Awards and Recognition

  • 2015 DigiPen Game Awards

    Best Masters Game

Game Screenshots

  • Four young girls attack purple and turquoise "chalk thieves."
  • Four young girls attack a giant rubber duck in a pool of water.
  • Two young girls look on at a boss named "Frank the Frog" a noted "Sauna Enthusiast."

The Team

  • Harriet Burrows

    MFA in Digital Arts

    Role: 2D Environment Artist

  • Shuo-Wei Chang

    MS in Computer Science

    Role: Graphics Programmer

  • Grey Davenport

    BA in Music and Sound Design

    Role: Sound Designer

  • Sharon Hoosein

    MFA in Digital Arts

    Role: Modeler/Rigger

  • Ilan Keshet

    MS in Computer Science

    Role: Tools/Animation Programmer

  • Xiaoran Li

    MFA in Digital Arts

    Role: Animator

  • Kori Loomis

    BS in Computer Science in Digital Audio

    Role: Audio Lead/Music

  • Garret O’Malley

    MS in Computer Science

    Role: Physics/Gameplay Programmer

  • CJ Payne

    BA in Game Design

    Role: Design Lead

  • Alok Sawant

    MS in Computer Science

    Role: Engine/AI Programmer

  • David Wang

    MS in Computer Science

    Role: Tools/Gameplay Programmer

  • Lilei Yu

    MFA in Digital Arts

    Role: Concept Artist

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