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Credit earned by examination at other colleges or universities in the last 10 years may be transferred, provided such credit meets the guidelines used by DigiPen Institute of Technology. For undergraduate programs, a student must take a minimum of 50% of the entire program at DigiPen (unless the student attended an institution with which DigiPen has established an articulation agreement). Graduate programs allow a maximum of 15 transfer credits from other colleges and other DigiPen programs. Due to the rigorous nature and subject specificity of the programs at DigiPen, students transferring to DigiPen should usually expect no more than 25% of credits will transfer.

The Registrar will evaluate college credits earned elsewhere with respect to graduation requirements at DigiPen. Developmental classes, orientation classes, or classes in which a student receives a “Pass” are not eligible for transfer credit consideration. Courses transferred or waived are entered on transcripts, but no grades or quality points are awarded.

Transfer credit may be accepted subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

  • The course(s) offered for transfer must be taken at an accredited institution, and these courses must appear on official transcripts from the institution.

  • The course(s) must be comparable in academic quality to DigiPen courses; transfer credit will be denied for courses not meeting this standard. Accordingly, current students are strongly urged to seek transfer approval from their advisor and the Registrar using the form provided for this purpose prior to enrollment in any course for which transfer approval might be sought.

  • Transfer credit will be considered for courses in which the grade of “B-” or better is recorded.

  • Courses transferred to a student’s major may also require a validation examination in order to be accepted.

  • “Credit” or “Pass” grades will not be accepted for transfer.

If a course is accepted for credit, it will be counted as a transfer credit. No grade points from such transfer courses will be calculated in the DigiPen grade point average. However, grades transferred for courses taken in residence at institutions with which DigiPen has articulation agreements are exempt from this policy and will be recorded. Courses transferred in may not be used to substitute improved grades for passing grades earned at DigiPen.