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Want to know what DigiPen students are capable of creating? Check out some of these outstanding student projects in games, art, animation, and engineering.

Student Animations

Applying all of the skills and techniques they have learned in the classroom, students in the BFA in Digital Art and Animation program tackle a series of short film projects as a part of their program coursework. In addition to showcasing their technical mastery of digital tools and artistic fundamentals, these films give students the chance to discover what it means to evoke emotion through visual storytelling and bring characters to life.

Student Art

To excel in the digital arts requires more than innate talent. It takes years of discipline, study, and a keen understanding of the visual language found within nature, architecture, and the world around us. With time and dedication, students in the BFA in Digital Art and Animation program gain not only the ability to imagine new worlds altogether, but also the skills and insights to bring those ideas to life through captivating imagery. These are just a few fine examples of what our students have created at DigiPen.

Inspiring Stories

Riley Durbin dribbles the ball as teammates cheer from the sidelines.


Touching Grass With DigiPen's Athletics Club

With regular soccer, hiking, and biking outings, the Dragon Athletics club makes physical and mental health a priority.

Doug Schilling smiles with his hands folded in a bright white stairwell.


Faculty XP: Getting a Grip on Handheld Game Dev with Cartridge King Douglas Schilling

From the original Game Boy to the Nintendo DS, the DigiPen professor revisits his 14 years developing handheld games.

A selection of screenshots from three DigiPen games featured in the 2024 Student Game Showcase.


Watch the 2024 Student Game Showcase

Check out all the original games and projects that DigiPen student teams spent the year collaborating on.