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Eight masked spirits duke it out across six snowy stages in this unique 2D fighting game. Up to four players can brawl with each other at a time, and thanks to an innovative mechanic, you can expect lots of dramatic comebacks. Rather than your typical fighting game health bar, Frozen Masquerade works on a “tug-of-war” system, meaning players can gain health back the more hits they land on their opponents.

Everything in Frozen Masquerade, from the visuals, to the music, to the code, was made entirely by one man, Andrew Nack. Between the age of 11 and the time Nack came to DigiPen, he’d already worked on nearly 50 game projects, experience that came in handy after he decided to throw 160 hours worth of work away halfway through Frozen Masquerade’s development due to issues with the game engine, and start from scratch.

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Game Screenshots

  • An axe-wielding fighter attacks two players at once in a snowy landscape.
  • A fighter with a feathered cap attacks their opponent with an orange, feathery beam.
  • A winged character blasts their opponent with an orange beam of light.

The Team

  • Andrew Nack

    BA in Game Design

    Role: Everything Besides Engine Development

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