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In this 3D acion platformer, play as a spirit named Diti trapped in a strange realm of the dead. Make it back to the land of the living by hooking onto enemy projectiles and ramming them back into baddies, all in an attempt to take down the final boss, The Overseer.

While most senior game projects are created on cross-disciplinary teams of many students, Aftermoor is one of DigiPen’s rare solo projects. Tristan Begin, a 2019 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design graduate, was responsible for all aspects of the game, including programming, design, art, animation, and music and sound – a gargantuan effort to say the least!

Awards and Recognition

  • 2019 DigiPen Arcade @ PAX West

    Featured Game

Game Screenshots

  • Two beams shoot towards a fiery explosion as Aftermoor protagonist Diti battles the game's final boss, The Oversser.
  • Aftermoor protagonist Diti stands amongst a number of giant floating flower platforms.
  • Aftermoor protagonist Diti dangs mid-air above a giant insectoid version of the game's final boss, The Overseer.
  • Aftermoor protagonist Diti leaps towards a black castle-like structure.

The Team

  • Tristan Begin

    BS in Computer Science and Game Design

    Role: Everything

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