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Design and prototype a quadruped robotic device that can act as a first responder to people in emergencies.

Primary Components

  • Mbed microcontroller
  • Symmetric body kit
  • Servo motors
  • Aluminum legs
  • 7.4V high-capacity battery
  • 9V battery
  • XBee controller

The Four-Legged Friend (FLF) is a first-aid supply platform and general first-responder tool for providing relief to people in emergency or hazard situations. With the help of two metal feelers, the FLF can autonomously detect and circumvent obstacles. An Mbed microcontroller acts as the brain of the robotic device, responsible for detecting and reacting to obstacles and communicating with all other systems, such as the servo motor controller. The FLF also comes equipped with an Xbee wireless controller that can override the robot’s default autonomous mode.

The Team

  • Jimi Huard

    BS in Computer Engineering

  • Jason Dempsey

    BS in Computer Engineering